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Children in the rainbow meetings

Without our babies, what kind of rainbow family would we be? Sing, laugh, joke, play, live in the present time, the child embodies the mind we all strive for. Yet there are often not as many Gatherings as you might expect. If freewheel nomads have offspring, it's kind of a turning point.

Kids are God's jokes on people," an old Belgium hippie once said to me. Of course, new rainbow fathers are just as bewitched by the wonder of living that they embrace as everyone else. Rainbow families all know that Babylon baby is a store. There' s clothing and apparel for all kinds of events, baby carriages, baby carriages, baby cribs, throw-away nappies, cream, shampoos, dairy additives and lots of squeaky, squeaky, fleecy toy of every kind with blinking lamps and sounds, push button, release sensor, uncanny voice of brand figures.

And, of course, the baby in doubt seemed quite satisfied. Numerous attractions and the attentiveness of his affectionate family were all he needed to be happily ever after. Only a few rainbow dwellers would want to have their baby in a clinic for fear of a barren environment with dazzling lamps and proud physicians.

Is the baby being given to suck after the baby is born to the mum or is she too far away after being pressurized to take an epiderermal anaesthetic? Whilst these types of worst-case scenario change with the perspective of modern medicine, most rainbow expectant mothers will still choose the naturals: ethereal oil and brook remedies, Hopi songs and Tibetan frankincense, reflective zone massage and a secure, convenient setting to breathe new life in.

While it may seem apparent, when a baby is throttled by its own navel string, you need an obstetrician, no shamans. Doubtful that there are any child death trials within the Rainbow Family, I've listened to enough terrible stories to make me believe that it's not good.

It is when the child grows that things become more complex as the home authority wants to know when your child will go to work. I have seen many cases in which death proof Nomaden had to put up their boots when their child was 4 or 5 years old. Of course there are still the public holiday, but the whole educational and livelihood cycle for the youngsters means that only a few homes can remain on the rainbow stretch for that long.

While there are some lone parent families who travel with their children, apart from a few hard-core vacationers, most of them have a tendency to have a large welfare system that supports them at home. Taking children to meetings can be costly (long distance hiking isn't really an option anymore ) and it can take much more to prepare than just putting a sleepingbag in your suitcase and a peanut pouch in your pen.

They can go to the hut and take meals for their children, but sometimes a rough compote and a few germinated seeds are not what it needs to make a baby cry. In the rainbow I often look at my mom and dad and ask myself how they do it. And when the weather is sunny and the children can discover the woods, the whole geathering is like a big game area.

We have no automobiles to be worried about and everyone around us will keep an eyes on the babies and come to help when they are in need. However, when the rains come and one of your babies has a temperature in his tents, while the other has diarrhoea and has to be accompanied to the fucking hole, and you try to at least wipe some of her dresses by the fire in the near-by tepee, and the cookies have all gone out - then the education seems to require the patient of a holy one.

Without a kitchen sinks, hot water and laundry machines, looking after your baby in the rainbow can be a challenging task. Young mum and dad often stay near their delivery trucks where they have some of the most urgent things at their fingertips. However, as the children get older, getting to the rainbow can actually be a relieve for the parent as they run away to run around with their boyfriends and just come back to cash in on the ration.

There is still concern that they will get around in the forest without a coat and flashlight, which requires a hectic quest till the end of the day, but generally enough a parent can take a rest, pick up some guitars and go on vacation. The first time children reach the rainbow, it may take them a few weeks to get used to things.

Imaginative parents will have pouches of candy for small snacks, but otherwise kids will have to get used to muddy oatmeal dishes for lunch instead of scrambled egg on sandwich; a blanket and blanket for sleep instead of a comfortable bed and blanket at nights; there are bee that fly too near, webs that get you on your back when you're not looking, and snails that creep into your tents when you keep it open.

As long as there are other children to gamble with, they will soon have the period of their life and enjoy a liberty that is unimaginable at home. As soon as the rainbow children reach the teens, things get tough again. To old to find infinite amusement in the struggle with canes and the making of daisies necklaces, but too young to suit the circle of grown-ups who talk and flirt in the bright rays, not many young people come to the rainbow of their own free will.

The mere fact that their relatives are swimming in the creek in the nude could be enough to scare them off - it is difficult for them to ignore that, as tolerable as such behavior may be at meetings, it would be socially suicidal elsewhere. The Rainbow Gatherings provide kids with the adventures of a life to come despite the challenge they face.

One group of young women between the ages of 7 and 13 got a permit from their parent to spend a few nights camping on one of the island's perfectly preserved shipwreck sites in the centre of the sea, about 200 hundred yards long and 100 yards wide. However, that night a gale came from nowhere, with roaring wind, torn tarpaulins over the bed and splashing rains that in a few seconds drenched our skins.

For some parts of Babylon, permission for a child to go to the camps alone could be seen as a ruthless threat to underage persons. An argument in favour of the commitment of welfare staff and the assessment of parents' ability to look after their orphans.

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