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The hottest new baby articles

Buy online today from the entire range of newborn unisex clothing! Amazon Khloe Kardashians Baby Registry is more than $6,000 Value: All Features As Khloe Kardashian prepares to welcome her first baby with friend Tristan Thompson, she fills herself with items from her baby register. 33-year-old Keeping Up With the Kardashians stars enrolled in the Amazon Baby registry and all her items total more than $6,000 - about $6,875 if you take the cheapest one.

"I' ve been looking forward to becoming a mother for a long time," says Karloe to Amazon, "and I' m so nervous to be near the birthing of my little one. "Beginning with her baby's bedroom, Chloe is hoping to get a $649 Babyletto Cabrio crèche - just in case her baby is willing to move on to a big girl's crèche.

Ninety-nine baby relaxation gliders to swing her baby to bed, as well as a $344. 49 lifenest nativity scene and $279. 99 Halo revolving wicker basket. But not all of their desired items are provided with a strong label. Khloe is always up to date with her shows and the Good African empire she will lead.

Ninety-seven Perego pencil auto fit to take the baby with you. Khloe also knows how much Khloe loves to jest about her Khlo CD and wants some things to help keep her home neat when the baby comes. Dyson 98 Dyson purifiers are just some of their must-have items. "Khloe says. "I am so looking forward to the routines of wrapping up my little girl with a hot tub and getting comfortable at bedtime," says Khloe.

"Khloe says, I know I'm going to go through cloths with my baby's pushy like mad, so I wanted to make sure I had the best for her delicate skins. "Says she also is hoping to get $12. 80 bamboos natural baby nappies, a $23. 73 Burt's Bees Baby Change Mat and a $17. 12 Trendy Lab nappy mat to wear everything essential.

Because the baby will be accepted into the Cardashian line, you know she'll be classy. Realism celebrity also wants Apericots body suits ($7.99 to $11.99), KicKee Ruffle Footies ($26.99 to $48) and Amazon Baby wrap covers ($39.97). "Khloe's baby nanny Khloe's angels are a real sight for sore eyes," says Nurse Kourtney Cardashian to Amazon.

Kourtney actually did help her younger brother choose some things for the baby, a $175 DonckATot delux+ baby couch included. "Additionally, Khloe asks for some dining items, a $69 the first few years bottles warmers, a $63. 91 Dr. Brown's bottle of steriliser and a $318. 82 Medela free-style breastpump.

She has also ordered Phillips AVENT Baby Bottle Naturals ($33. 11) and Steriliser Vapor ($64. 99), as well as a $19. 79 Dr. Brown's Baby Feed Kit. She also asked for a $179.00 Baby Brezza Formel donor, a $38.95 My Breast Friend breastfeeding cushion and a $9 Bottle Hipp Bio baby pad.

Khloe asks for a few things to help her baby feel better, such as a $7.38 baby dummy temperature gauge, a $16.15 kindergarten maintenance set, and $299. Owlet Smart Sock baby monitors the baby's blood pressure and pulse frequency. 99 Owlet Smart Sock babyphone.

She' also called Mommy her Bliss Gripe Water ($17.98) if the baby has trouble stomaching. Khloe knows she has to take good care of herself, though, and has asked for a few new items, such as a $38 Mama Mio abdominal massage fluid, $12 95 Earth Mama dam sprays and $10 36 Burt's Bees Mama Bee butters.

Plus, she is asked for $53. 59 Queen Rose maternity pillows to remain comfortable until her little gal arrives. What is more, she is also offered a $53. Khloe has asked for a $89.99 skip hop bow activities fitness studio and a $14.23 Manhattan toy rattles and teething ring when it comes to playing time for babies. Khloe has asked for a $219. 99 4moms motherRoo 4 child chair, as well as many textbooks for mother and baby ($139. 97) and an Amazon Kindle Oasis ($279.99).

"I have always had such great fond childhood experiences with my own children," says Kourtney Amazon. "One can never have too many novels, I like to start them early with these cloth novels. "A $84.99 Amazon echo is also on her wishroll.

The Amazon Baby registry sponserte auch Khloe's neueste Babyparty. Click on the links to see the complete registration of Khloe. We' re so anxious for the little one to come!

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