Important things needed for a Newborn

Essential things needed for a newborn child

Important thing to remember is that essence is what works for you and your baby. Take care of yourself and your newborn baby During the first few week you will get to know your new child step by step and get used to a routines that fits both of you. You' re sure to have a lot of unanswered and HiPP is here to help! At the moment your free space is valuable, so we have created this section to be an easily accessible guideline for the most important information you will need in the first few week.

Breast-feeding and sanitary towels | Newborn nursing

As your child is conceived, you may experience an almost overpowering feeling of loving and a powerful wish to save him. You will need to spend your child's life getting to know your newborn, and the bond will develop and strengthen through the care. It is important for both of them to get used to the care of the newcomer - to be near her, talk to her, hold her and cuddle her.

Breastfeeding was found to be eight-fold more frequent in neonates who were in a skin-to-skin posture for more than 50 min. Haut-to-Haut also has many other advantages for your child, such as controlling the heart rate and respiration, maintaining the ideal level of body heat and maintaining a normal glucose level.

Adapting to maternity can be discouraging, but did you know that these valuable times from face to face are calming for both you and your newborn? Though you' probably think that your newborn is the most gorgeous thing you have ever seen, newborn babies can look crushed, wrinkled and even crushed, or have a pointed neck after giving birth especially if you have had surgery such as tweezers or a ventricular assist (vacuum assist birth).

In the first few weeks your child only needs to have his skull, buttocks and genitalia cleaned (unless it does a big shit that goes everywhere and needs to be washed!), you don't need to bathe it. Cleansing your infant can be a great way for your spouse to connect with him or her and get more engaged if you only breastfeed.

Talking quietly with your newborn will help build a two-way relation that is important for your child's ability to cope with your upcoming challenges. The touch is unbelievably important for your newborn. "Divienne and Marcus liked to have their toes massaged like newborn babies, and now they get leg rubbers before bed. To hold her in my embrace as often as possible was a nice way to connect," says Rachelle, mother of two children from Australia.

After all, keep in mind that every mother and every child is different, and getting to know each other can take a while.

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