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The best baby and toddler-friendly holiday abroad

If you are traveling with a baby or infant, it can be hard to adjust your routines to the current area. Infants and young kids adore the beaches, and with 93 to chose from, you have more than enough room to discover. Once you have completed your ditching in the sands, try rock pooling on Matagorda beaches.

Wrap up your gloves to help prevent clogged toe and allow yourself a few short moments to observe different animals in their tiny oceans. Travel expands the horizon, but kids don't always like to expand their palate with new food. When you have to eat a choosy food on vacation, it's a good way to have Mallorca up your sleeves.

Her baby or infant may still be a little young for scuba or snorkeling, but a glass-bottom dinghy trip gives him a captivating view of the undersea underworld. You' ll enjoy observing the seafood and other animals buzzing around under the canoe. And if you feel like paddling in the waters instead of on the ground, Aguamar Aquapark offers fun attractions and waterslides for the whole host of families.

There are also many locker rooms and locker rooms on site so you don't have to lug all your baby equipment around all the day. However, Menorca, like Mallorca and Ibiza, is less than two and a half hour flight times, according to the airports of origin. This makes it one of the fastest and simplest ways to get you and your baby or infant to the shore with minimum effort.

There is also the Es Grau sandy area on the archipelago, known for its long, flat shoreline. Infants adore flat waters, especially as they are usually a little bit hotter than their surroundings. Minorca is also the quietest of the Balearic Islands, with a more gentle tempo than the big sister. Imagine relaxing seaside holidays, family-run hotel and restaurant accommodation and glittering marine life.

Pay attention to the "trattorias" the natives pay with their kids to get the best child-friendly waiter and menu. Nobody can be fascinated by the view of a flamingo in its native environment. Are you willing to take the leap with your infant? Come and see our TUI FAMILY LIFE Hotel with its Baby Club and Baby Lounges.

Don't miss to use our free children's place finder to get even cheaper offers for your baby or infant suitable holidays and find out how you can spend a great deal of money with your baby.

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