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What is the best way to keep nappies and how many nappies should I keep? Nappy supplement for newcomers! Keeping nappies in stock: a novice guidebook at low nappy rates, how many of each nappy sizes to buy, and how and where to stock nappies. What is the best way to keep nappies and how many nappies should I keep?

What is the best way to store nappies and how many nappies should I store? Nappy supplement for newcomers!

So why should we give the smaller presents to Santa Claus?

Yes, Christmas is only a few weeks away, but no, I haven't found out what Santa Claus is bringing my children this year. On the Christmas page at least, a membrane that circulates on the Internet - and I'm sure many other parent - makes me think twice about how chic I want the tall, moustached fellow with "his" presents.

It' an obvious Facebook snapshot of someone's Facebook state, with the user's name hidden, asking them to be "modest" with Santa's gifts: "So it doesn't make much use of Santa giving your child a PlayStation4[sic], a bicycle and an iPad while his best classmate gets a new Santa' mitten and hat," the anonymous Facebooker wrote.

While I know that my 2-year-old is too young to chat with other infants about Santa's gifts, I assume it is possible that my 4-year-old and his pre-school mates will begin to compare their vacation range this year. I' d like it if either he or his boyfriends thought "Santa" liked them less because he was less kind to them than he was to other people.

My guess is that one easy way to prevent this is to tell my boy the true story - Santa Claus is not genuine and the presents children get depend on their family's own priority and resource. While I will not be judging how other families deal with the Christmas legend, in my case I am not yet prepared to let him give up it.

Personally, I like the concept of minimizing Santa's presents, in part to prevent the heart breaking scenarios proposed by the Mem...but also, damn it, because I want my children to know that Mommy and Daddy were the ones who broke their minds when they tried to make up their minds and find just the right toy/game/cartoon cane.

In a recent article, Deva Dalporto from the online shop Blogs LifeSuckers reported on her strenuous effort in buying and packing gifts last year...and how Santa Claus was the one to whom her kids enthusiastically thanked. Naturally, all this will be controversial in my home if I don't lift my butt and find out about my children's gifts, whether they are cheap, hand-made, heartily "embraced", voucher books...or a pool of minitoy lorries drove by minitoyages.

No matter what they get, I hopefully they realize that Mommy really likes them and this is the best present of all*. In order to help needy kids get presents for the holiday, consider making a donation or voluntary commitment to Toys for Tots.

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