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"'They get all their fluids from breast milk or infant formula. Your six-week-old baby. She is six months old - boosts in appetite, preventive examinations and perhaps even a little smiling. It'?s sixweeks time to check up.

Now look out for your baby's first real, real smiling now. It is not only a beautiful and unforgettable experience that you will enjoy as a sullen teenager, but also a signal that their evolution is on course.

A few perfect and lucky infants only start smiling after seven or eight months. Everything that lasts up to 12 months is within the usual limits. It'?s a good thing to keep playin? with your kid for the first few months. You will soon come to you and the six-week baby health checks - usually between six and eight weekly.

It gives your family physician a way to see if you're both okay. He or she checks your baby's legs, hips and backbone, listens to his or her intuition, checks his or her reflections, eye and genitalia. Do you have any problems with your child's growth? Do you already smile?

It is a real opportunity to awaken your fear and worry and ask about everything that concerns you about your baby's evolution. And your physician will want to know how you're doing and your baby. He or she can examine all the sutures, will measure your hypertension (which should be back to normality by the time it rises in your delayed pregnancy), see if your womb has shrunk correctly and ask how you are doing.

Your baby will probably experience its first major surge of appetite between now and eight week. When you breastfeed, give them more breasts so that your dairy supplies have a good opportunity to reach the new heights. Don't make the mistaken assumption that you obviously don't produce enough because your baby is agitated or hungry more often: hold on, keep feeding often and your intake will grow in about a single trading day. Your baby will be more or less ready for you.

It'?s not good for her feet and legs to be in clothing that doesn't work.

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