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FENDI Baby Boys Blue Skateboarder tracksuit. We offer a range of well thought-out baby and toddler products that help your daily routines become a little smoother. Seventy-five percent of mothers in China are feeding their babies bio infant formulas.

China's infant dairy food industry (IMF) is expected to grow impressively over the next five years as a consequence of the new "two-child policy" and new CFDA rules. Especially younger mothers are interested in bio-formula choices, 79% of mothers 25-34 years of age use this one.

That is also the major reason why they opt for other specialised commodities such as the 41% Ziegen-WMF. Despite its good standing in the West, the IMF has not yet gained any recognition in the China markets. Traditional branding in China is more common among mothers with two or more infants (44% vs. 33% overall) and the prevalence of international branding is increasing to 70% among those who do not intend to have a second family.

Meanwhile, consumer preference in China seems to be different when it comes to international and IMF-branded products. Generally, in Shanghai (71%) and Guangzhou (76%) attracting international brand supporters has increased, while 64% of IMF 20-29 year olds living in Beijing have been feeding their infants abroad with the IMF. Moreover, mintropolitans favour IMF purchases of international brand names (67%), in particular international brand names (39% vs. 31% non-mintropolitans) and international brand names (39% vs. 29% non-mintropolitans).

But 46% of the interviewed customers say that they often buy the IMF in specialized maternity and baby shops. As far as the sources of dairy produce are concerned, 20-39 year old children in China with at least one baby at home are more likely to favour dairy produce from Australia or New Zealand, as IMF produce from these sources is regarded as naturally (55%) and safely (53%).

While only 18% of mothers in China believe that the dairy in China is associated with a premier reputation, it is still regarded as "suitable for China babies" and is one of the most recognized and important statements for these mothers ( 57%). A third also believe that China and Northern Europe (32% and 32% respectively) are freshmilk resources, while 28% believe that the same applies to North America.

Of the ten (40%) interviewed mothers, four out of ten agreed that baby foods designed for nursing mothers can make mother's breast feeding more nourishing and reach up to 46% of those with two of them. "An increase in lactation will have a knock-on effect on the sale of infant dairy produce. A number of brand names, however, are already recognizing the problem and are broadening their portfolio to give them a distinct advantage by providing dairy formulas for expectant and nursing mothers, as well as pregnancy and lactation counseling, prescription and physical activity, among others.

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