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Baby carrier: There are 14 good reason why you should carry your baby Carrying, a need in a culture where the mothers have to go back to work almost immediately after the baby is born, is becoming more and more common in the West. Carrying a baby is convenient, inexpensive (provided you don't get a serious habit... ahem), secure and a great way to connect with your baby.

I' m passionately interested in carrying babies and wanted to compile a shortlist of all the causes why it shocks my planet! It can be assumed that carrying babies is important when you have more than one child. Had it not been for ourKari-Me packaging (and later the Ellaroo packaging), the first 4 month of Squish's lifetime would have been much harder than it had to be.

Carrying a baby lets you hunt for older brothers and sisters, clean up, keep your little hand on the road and make big snuggles. Carried infants have an edge when it comes to growing and developing. Since carrying the baby will bring it up to the adults standard, it will usually be more affected than if it were low in the pram.

And because most infants are happier when worn in a comfortable wrap, they tend to stay in a silent state - the optimal state for studying. Until someone gets in my way, I don't try to say that baby carriages don't really wax or evolve - of course they do.

Carrying a baby is a great way to encourage the bond with your baby. Bringing a baby closer to you is essential for your baby's health, growing and developing. There are of course many ways to be near your baby, and carrying them is just one of them. Of course there are some exemptions from the rules, but in general you can buy a good packaging, Mei tai or SSC (Soft structured Carrier) for much less than a travelling system would pay.

If I wear squish in the city, I am far less inclined to do needless shopping because I have to wear my pockets instead of just suspending them from the pram. Carrying a baby enables a good night's rest. A lot of infants are sleeping better and longer when worn in a lifting strap. Carrying a baby will help keep you in shape!

Finally, it needs a good portion of additional energy to carry a baby around on its back. That means you'll probably loose your baby's baby weigh quicker than you would otherwise (or it means you can have additional chocolate). Even if you carry a heavier baby, it will increase your muscle strength and your position - provided you use a support that evenly spreads the load, such as a wrapped weave or miles-taai.

I' ve found carrying a baby is a great way to get started. Carrying a baby is a great way to care for a baby with a high need. Highly needy infants often don't bear to be detained by anyone other than their mothers, but very few of them can stand up to sleeping when placed in a comfortable shell, no matter who is carrying them.

Baby carriers make breast-feeding on the go light and uncomplicated! For those of us who like to breastfeed, the wrapping you throw over your shoulders works great as a covering and means you don't have to wear anything with you. Carried infants have a tendency to cry less. Studies by Hunziker and Barr (1986) showed that regular baby carriers had 43% less screaming and 54% less in the afternoons.

There is speculation that she cries less than other infants because her need for bodily intercourse is satisfied. Carrying a baby will help avoid over-stimulation in the baby. If the baby is carried properly (inwards, forwards, backwards or sideways), it can turn its face away and turn off the outside worid if necessary.

Carrying babies can also be a failsafe way to soothe a baby who has been overexcited. Don't get me wrong, it' great to have him on your back, now he's a great baby, but you just can't outbid having a teeny new baby in a FWCC (Front Front and Cross Catch) with a hot jacket zip over her and going on a cool, damp snow dark.

What is your favorite piece of carrying your baby?

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