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Written by Samantha in Baby & Kids Stuff, Baby clothes in Basildon. 10 weeks, your 10 weeks old babe. You' ll probably find that your child is now asleep longer - maybe even five or six consecutive times if you are really fortunate. Now is a good moment to stimulate these nape musculature to invigorate themselves by laying them on their stomachs.

Accustom yourself to giving them a few moments a days on their stomach on a mats on the ground.

Begin with just a few moments and work your way up to 15-30 minute over the next few months and months. The abdominal period is a great workout for the muscle that you will need later to turn around and crawl. Surrounded by a rushing leaf, singing birds, loud laundry facilities and dog barks, the environment is so thrilling and captivating for your little one that you may find them twisting and distracting as they feed.

Your infant only seems to be sleeping 45 consecutive hours during the night? This can be tricky, especially when you know they really need to stay asleep longer. The sleeping cycle of all infants is 40-45 min until they are three or a little later. After 40 min, when they go into a mild night's rest, many infants will awake; others seem to be able to calm down for another 45 min without going into full wake-up.

Awake your child just before the end of the sleeping period by softly tickle his foot or stroke his scalp - but don't fully awoke him. You can help them get to the next stage of sleeping by "resetting" their carts for another 45mins. Babies who are sleepy will always be yawning, rubbing their ears or heads, or putting their finger in their mouths.

When they arch their backs, twist or kick, or look away from your eye, it may mean they are overexcited and need a pause or modification of activities. When they turn their heads to you and incline them up, grab you and crow, it probably means they are in the mood for playing.

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