Infant car Toy

toddler car toy

Toys toddler car toys travel and leisure center. Choose our best selection of travelling toys for babies 2017 Your baby's eye will glow with this large, colorful fluffy kite with its vibrant, richly-contrasted colors and multiple texts that ring, wrinkle and rattling. It also has concealed flame and plastique biter to relieve gum soreness. Contains a C-ring to fix to your car seats. There is a strap so that it can be fastened to the car or stroller of your child.

These car toy is attached to the back of each car-seat for rearfacing infants. It has 3 suspended toy with rattle and noise to entertain the child. This toy also has a baby-safe bent reflector so you can see at a glimpse what your little one is up to.

It comes with a small tyre so it can be fixed to your stroller or carry so it won't get loose when you're out and about. Simple to grip and keep, these teething rings for planes, cars and sailboats will help the infant calm his painful gingiva on the way.

Easy to fit to car seating with cloth straps, this active board allows the child to go to work with the toy. The toy rail effortlessly grips prams, trip units and traveller beds with clips and provides lots of enjoyment for traveling children. Fasten it to your stroller or car chair from the moment you are born and you will always have it at your fingertips to keep your little one entertained on the go.

A fish bowl contributes to the enjoyment as the little ones can take the toy out and put it back in again.

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