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Nestlé-Presse publishes information about breast-feeding and proteins to support the SMA label - and at the same time hides information from parent about why the formulation is on sale.

Today Nestlé is trying to circumvent the limitations on promoting its SMA infant formulas with a news item about mothers' awareness of nursing and proteins. Nestlé's Marketers Association is trying to organise interview with Dr Cannon in order to talk about "changes in the proteins content of breastmilk " as part of the launch of Nestlé's new SMA PRO infant formulae.

There is no reference in the news item to Nestlé launching its new SMA formulation, as information to healthcare professionals indicates that infants given the actual feed have "excess proteins". Boycotting non-ethical methods of infant dairy distribution around the globe, the firm is trying to distract from this and present itself as a proteinexpert.

Meanwhile, superstores like Tesco are desperate to free their racks from the latest formulas, which has resulted in a parliamentary enforcement drive for rules on recipe market. However, the news bulletin does not mention how many women who buy SMA infant food know that their baby's diet is "over-supplied" with proteins, according to the latest information from Nestlé, but it is likely to be higher than 80%, as Nestlé has only informed healthcare professionals.

Announcing her "new improved" formulation in January 2016 to healthcare professionals, she claimed to have "a higher protein content close to breastmilk". Nestle has created a footage of proteins under the SMA brand and is working with parent blogs to advertise it and direct visitors to the SMA Mums website to advertise the new SMA PRO infant food.

DHS has asked the Nestlé Trade Standards Agency to express concern about the replenishment efforts of supermarket recipes. In 2007, the Regulation on infant formulae and follow-on formulae prohibited the use of notification of abnormalities and reductions in prices. It is already commercially available and some mothers are reported to be worried about "worrying effects" on their baby.

One Facebook group was also formed by families who found that their baby's response was poor. First Steps Nutrition's analyses show that all recipe brand names on the open ingredients markets must comply with regulatory formulation standards and that there are few real differences between Nestlé's SMA PRO and other formulations in terms of proteins.

Enterprises are entitled to include supplemental constituents that are used as a base for market disclosures but have no demonstrated use. Parent Formel guidelines are available from the First Steps Nutrition fundraiser. "Actually, this advertising drive in the news releases shows Nestlé's reluctance to be an expert in educating women about proteins while concealing the reason for selling out its latest formulation.

Up until recently, she advertised this formulation as the "closest to breast milk", but now she says that infants given it have a "protein uptake that exceeds need". "Of course, it is to be hoped that a business will try to maximise profit, which is why parenting needs information about infant nutrition independently. Such selfish advertising activities, disguised as "knowledge transfer", are forbidden under internationally accepted commercial norms - Art. 5.

It is clear from Section 5 of the International Code of Commercialisation of Breastmilk Substitutes that businesses should not attempt directly or indirectly to make contacts with expectant mothers and expectant mothers. Referring to the encouragement of the Nestlé SMA formulation in Tesco, it requires that in this and other cases the rules on advertising be enforced.

The SMA Baby Know How Road Show was established in 2012 to reach expectant mothers and families in malls when a "new, improved" formulation was introduced. Nestlé, which finalised the acquisition of the SMA trademark in December 2012, reverted to a similar approach in 2015, advertising the SMA trademark on road stands.

ASA decided that the corporation could not make any proposals that the SMA follow-on formulation was better than breast-feeding or other marks of the formulation.

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