Infant Essentials List

Baby Food List

Car seat - it is not recommended to use a second hand car seat. The " clear cot " is one that contains only the essentials that a baby needs: a flat, waterproof mattress and some bedding, but nothing else. Every skier knows that the packing list for a ski holiday is long! Please see the complete list of amenities below.

Basics and hotel guidelines - Paphos - Cyprus

Remember that any vehicles that obstruct rescue service entry will be taken away at the driver's cost. Outside food: Notice that it is against our public order guidelines to allow the use of outside foods and beverages, as well as alcoholic beverages, on our property. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us before your stay to talk about your special needs. We offer infant nutrition and will respond to your personal nutritional wishes.

Use our groundbreaking Go Easyly services by ordering the following before your visit: Passenger cars for airfield transfer, pots, exercise seating, highchairs, luggage racks, pushchairs, flasks and vacuum cleaners, sterilizers, cylinder warmer, gym, walker halls, infant tubs, infant baths, dry/swim diapers, diaper containers, toilet articles. There may be a charge for the services.

In all Alymra rooms, closed interiors and amenities, the use of tobacco is forbidden by strictance. One first aider is on site at all hours and contacts Front Desk #60 for any support, up to and personal reservation of a dental professional or doctor's appointment. In order to protect the security and private sphere of all our visitors, we ask our parent to make sure that their child does not play and/or use computer equipment in the restaurant.

Kids under the age of 16 are not allowed in the resort. - The open air swimming pool Eauzone (23. 5 x 5m, 1. 5m depth): open: 08:00-20:00; Temperature from 28-30°C (November to May); No kids under 16 years - Infinity Pool (33 x 7m, 1. 4m depth): open: Sunrise - sunset; temperature 16-26°C (winter - summer); kids must be monitored at all time; therefore individual depths are not recommended for very youngsters.

Sunrise-Sunset; temperature 16-26°C (winter - summer); kids must be monitored at all time. Remember also that sundecks are available on a first come, first serve principle - all objects not used for more than 40 min will be taken out for safety then.

Our aquatic sport facilities are run by competent outside contractors. Designed by Prada, Miu Miu Miu, Etro, Jimmy Choo, Paul & Joe, Carhoe, Heidi Klein, Villebrequin and Acqua di Parma; in addition to vacation articles, internationally published papers and journals. Because of our very stringent childcare guidelines, we are only able to accept kids of the right ages in any group.

Note that a non-refundable 25 Euro per overnight stay will be debited from your bank statement before checkout to meet the costs of extra and necessary grooming to prepare for our next guests. However, we retain the right to demand the immediate evacuation of any dogs that exhibit any hazardous or intolerable behavior, which may include, but is not restricted to, chewing, excess bark, illness or urinating in areas of common concern.

Every customer is liable for all costs related to the distance of his pet, which include but are not restricted to transport and kennels. Visitors must have full command of their own pets at all time in order to prevent conflicts with other pets or visitors to the property.

Please note: The property is not held accountable for any hazardous or intolerable behaviour of a pet and the client is obliged to compensate a third person for any injuries and/or damages and/or losses suffered by his pet. Please note: House-keeping is not in charge of the disposal of garbage from the rooms.

  • Accidental damages to rooms and common rooms: Please see the complete list of conveniences below. Whilst we make every endeavour to keep all belongings in the rooms secure, please be aware that any objects abandoned in the room and/or room deposit box are at the sole and entire discretion of the property owners, and that the property is not the property of the property owners and the property is not held accountable or in any way held accountable for any losses, damages or destructions of such objects by any means, whatsoever, involving but not limited to burglary, fire or other events.

Minibars are designed for the exclusive use of minibar articles. According to our guidelines for the protection of human and animal health they may not be used as a refrigerator for personally consumable goods (with the exclusion of medicines and infant food). All minibar objects that have been taken away are deemed to have been used and will be invoiced accordingly.

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