Infant Fall Dresses

Toddler Autumn Dresses

Who dresses their child at this age like this? Descending stairs: Children in baby walkers can quickly move to the edge of the stairs and fall. Girl dresses & skirts - 3 month to 6 years

Ranging from early afternoons in the kindergarten to big marriages - we have girls' clothes for every occasion in your child's calender. All our dresses for babies, children and toddlers have smart little features, such as back button, to facilitate preparation (and fast wrapping) in the early hours of the day.

Cheerful designs and embroidered traditions give the dresses of our kids an additional touch. We have long sleeve dresses for your cool evening and many shortsleeved dresses. Not only are our dresses for the little ones - the assortment of little girls' dresses comprises items for kids ranging in age from three month to six years.

She will be willing to take part in Pass the Parcel in a beautiful children's gown with colourful print.

When she miscarried, the wife had a bridal gown turned into 16 little tomb coats.

First-hand Hayley Parker, 33, knows how disastrous it is to loose a child because she had a miscarriage at 14 in 2011. Donating it to the Cherished Gowns for Angel Babies fundraiser, she turned it into 16 heartbreaking little grave dresses for other families who dropped their kids in time.

Some years ago I had been hearing about the fundraiser after a friend's nurse had dropped her child, so I always knew I would do it with my outfit. Physicians told her that she should try to get pregnant as soon as possible because the surgeries were very pushy - but apart from the gestation in which she was losing the child, it shouldn't be.

Then about three years ago, freshly singles, she met Keith at the opening of the joint friend's pub. Thereafter, their relationships shifted from starch to starch until Keith finally suggested Hayley on Christmas 2015. While they were already plotting their marriage, Hayley knew what she wanted to do with her outfit after the marriage.

In April of this year, after she found her fantasy gown in a nearby shop, Hayley knotted in front of 80 in Ramside Hall, a luxurious Durhamtel. Shortly after the marriage she saw an ad on-line stating that Cherished Gowns for Angel babies, who usually have a long waitlist, accepted a donation.

Immediately she tried to apply and, just eight months after wearing it to get married to Keith, her gown was turned into little funeral dresses. We kept her in contact with us every time we took a step," Hayley said.

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