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In Ghana, Melania Trump ends up in a $2,000 cotton gown.

On Tuesday mornings Melania Trump arrived in Ghana radiantly, radiating joy as she got off her aircraft to begin her first big overseas journey. 48-year-old First lady looks as classy as ever when she arrived at Kotoka Airport in Accra, Ghana's capitol, with a $2,000 dollar claret and stripey red Celine skirt and a set of Manolo Blahnik heels.

And Melania seemed to have been enjoying a fast pampering airplane ride and looking fresh and vigorous as she got off the airplane with her long brown castles stylised with a naturally flowing shaft as her make-up was abandoned without a touch of her typical smoky eyes look.

The Melania Trump's Africa tour: Where' she gonna go and what' she gonna do? Arriving in Ghana on Tuesday 2 October after a 12-hour plane ride from Washington, D.C., the First Lady stayed at a Ghanaian health clinic in the Accra metropolitan area to find out more about community children's charity activities and at the same time have a great opportunity to support her Be Best project.

And Melania is scheduled to be back in Washington, D.C. on October 7. Having welcomed several other official Ghanaians, Melania was then taken off the runway by Rebecca and walked past a group of happy schoolchildren all flying US and local banners. But before Melania went out into the wait area, she decided very rationally to switch her boots and exchanged her high heels for a couple of plain naked apartments - a sensible choice as the wait area was on a bed of sand and would have been unbelievably difficult to negotiate in her expensive stilts.

A lot of the employees of the hospital seemed excited to have such a high-calibre guest that Melania's hearts seemed to have been taken mainly by one man - a charming little kid whom she cuddled for several moments and radiated joy all the while. When Melania first saw the young man - elegantly clothed in a chic alligator top and buckskin moccasins - he walked through the wait area of the clinic, handing out Be brand best marks for bear teddies to expecting families and kids.

On one point the little fuck grabbed Melania's face in a particularly delicate instant, and the First Lady was later portrayed as she held the little boy's arms and waved in front of the camera comically. For about half an hour, some of the first women gathered in private at Jubilee House, Ghana's President's House, and perhaps found some spare hands to talk about Melania's Be Best initiatives.

Monday night, the First lady took part in Twitter to tell that she was taking the programme "international", and she is undoubtedly anxious to get the message across as widely as possible during her five-day outing. Melania's cheering spirit on Tuesday, however, certainly reflected her enthusiasm for her Monday night leave, which was undoubtedly fuelled by the thrill of making such a great journey alone.

As enthusiastic as the First Lady was when she went out from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, when the setting day came after waving and smiling in front of the photographer as she made her way into the airplane, the First lady seemed to be just as enthusiastic. I don't think I've ever even heared her name, Melania. Other natives said they knew about the trip but didn't know what Melania was doing.

Talking about the FBI inquiry against Judge Brett Kavanaugh, Trump was interviewed about his wife's journey to Africa and exposed to television coverage of her recent visit to Ghana before adding: Saying hello to the children, she said. She' s doing a really good job as a first lady. Really.

Mrs Grisham said on Monday that the route will be a "diplomatic and humane visit" focusing on Melania's #BeBest initiative for "children and their well-being". Last Wednesday he was playing a different melody as he promoted Melania's journey and said to journalists, "We both like Africa. In a last whisper before her journey Melania wrote: "We start to #Africa!

I am so looking forward to the visit of #Ghana #Malawi #Kenia & #Egypt when I take #BeBest internationally.

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