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Mom turned a bridal gown into funeral dresses for babies after she lost her four-day-old girl.

Another woman tells how she had her bridal garment turned into a grave coat for infants after her little girl passed away at the age of four only. Teagan, the 37-year-old's daugther, passed away shortly after being found to have a rarer gene defect. As most new mothers searched for a baptismal garment, Johanne had to find a broken-hearted little crematorium garment for her newborn.

She was traumatized when she saw other kittens in the same wardrobe after deciding on a nice rose coloured gown and Next cap. Destroyed parents say the record given to the rider who murdered the boy, 3 While driving SMS is an "absolute joke" early this year, in the hope of sparing other parents what she has felt grief, Johanne, of Tadcaster, North Yorkshire, has given her 600 pound expensive bridal gown to the Charity Cherished Gowns for Angel Babies, which transformed it into several one-of-a-kind funeral homes.

"About Cherished Gowns through a boyfriend and I thought it would be a great way. Johanne, also mother of Shannon, 19, from a former marriage, and Maddision, five years old, were wearing a strapless gown with a sweet cut when she got to marry her man Dave Lickers, 31, who qualified as a personnel coach in March 2010.

Johanne got six month later again pregnant again and this year the small Maddision was born in August 2011. said Johanne: "The doctors soon came and brought the new parent and teagan-child to York Hospital, where the neonate was placed in the dedicated nursing infant device and connected to a respirator.

said Johanne: The Teagan dynasty left from there to move to Martin's House Children's Hospice to enjoy their last few years. said Johanne: "but I knew I wanted her in a gown, so one night I went to the store. Then in January of this year, she learned of Cherished Gowns for Angel Babies through a boyfriend and chose to give her precious bridal gown.

But Lindsey also kept a piece of stuff for Johanne to put in a souvenir kit she had for Teagan. Now Johanne shares her history to help other families who have recently forgotten a baby. "It was terrible as it was to lose Teagan, it showed us that there are so many beautiful humans out there.

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