Infant Items needed

Required infant articles

Luggage for babies and toddlers Depending on your child's ages and the kind of fare you bought for them, the amount of luggage you can take with you may vary. When you need to take a pram or pram for your infant, this is part of the fare. Carry-on luggage is not available for children's travel, but you can take a suitable amount of infant nutrition and milk/formula for the trip.

When you buy a children's fare your children can take with them the amount of carry-on and hold luggage their fare permits.

Serving sizes for 1-4 year olds

Provide him with a healthy balance of nutrition with a mix of meals and beverages from the five groups of foodstuffs. You can use our serving sizes range as an indication of how much of each grocery is offered to your 1-4 year olds, and they are developed to make sure your needs for nutrients and nutrients are catered for.

Except for vitamine dioxide (vitamin C), for which all infants need a supplementary diet. They can be sure that if your infant eats in the area of serving size of a certain nutrition, it will eats enough of that nutrition. Generally, if your 1-4 year old is bigger or more athletic, he/she will take bigger servings of some groceries than if he/she is smaller or less athletic.

Watch how much your infant is consuming of dairy produce, as too much of it can lower their appetite for ferrous food. Small portions of high-fat and high-sugar food were also suggested, as these low-nutrient, energy-charged food should be restricted to avoid small children becoming too heavy or corpulent.

Table of groups of foodstuffs shows foodstuffs in the first row and in the second row the dose quantities (lower and higher ends of the ranges). For the calculation of the dose values standardized buckets were used: Domestic spoonfuls differ in size: Dessert spoonfuls are about 15 ml and teaspoonfuls are about 5 ml, but may be less.

After the initial release of the Forum Serving Guide at the end of 2011, the Guide was updated in late 2012 to reflect new UK infant health tips. In order to recognise this, the Forum now suggests that the serving quantities for very young infants 12-24 month old are those at the lower end of the serving range in the table.

These infants have a much lower demand for electricity than those over the age of two. Therefore, we advise infants under the ages of two not to offer desserts, pies, cookies, sweets, chocolates or hearty treats such as chips as those mentioned in food group 5.

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