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Traveling with Kids - Information All travelers, as well as babies, kids and teens, need an ID card in order to use the service in conjunction with their reservation number or e-tix® ticketing number. Since 26 June 2012, every dependent foreign citizen, regardless of his or her own legal status, needs his or her own valid passport to be able to travel abroad. Common passes for adults and kids will no longer be accepted.

It will also apply to journeys within the EU and the Schengen area. Like described here, kids under the age of 12 are usually obliged to be traveling with a designated adults. In the case of a journey by a minor with an adulthood that does not have parents' authorities, prior authorisation in writing from the parents or an adulthood with parents' authorities is necessary.

You can download the necessary explanation here. There are also specific rules for bookings of tickets for minors under 12. Foreigners residing in Germany are subject to the rules of their home state and the immigration requirements of the target state. A number of Member States, such as France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Romania and Israel, have specific rules on entering and leaving the territory of these Member States for single migrants.

Every traveller is accountable for complying with these rules. Therefore, we advise you to obtain the appropriate information from the appropriate authority in good order to make sure that you have the right documents for the trip. Our partners' air carriers who do not have an EEA number are subject to the terms and condition of the air carrier in question.

They can be consulted on the airline web sites. Currently, these partners are Lufthansa, SWISS, Austrian Airline, Brussels Airline, Condor, United Airline, Air Canada and All Nippon Airways.

Traveling with baby and infant children

Prams can be transported to the airplane doors or to the stairs, where they are kept safe for you by one of our employees. When you have registered online and carry only carry-on baggage, the pram can be marked at the departure gates. Get a goddamn automobile chair on there! In order to fit the infant carrier in which your child can enjoy added comforts, you must buy an optional infant carrier chair at the standard price.

When making an online reservation, please fill in "INFANT" as the first name of the traveller. You do not have to reimburse a child's rate if an optional place has been reserved. There is no free luggage charge for infants. Position for a baby autopilot chair is a slot in a windows. Next to the infant vehicle safety chair, the chair must be manned by a healthy physical individual aged at least 16 who is in charge of the infant vehicle safety chair.

A child vehicle occupant safety position cannot be placed in a seating position either adjacent to an escape hatch or immediately in front of or behind such a position. Do not use the following lines for the baby seat: It is your responsibility to fit your own child safety chair.

WIZZ Cabin Crew will show the appropriate seating position for the vehicle seating and visual inspection to ensure that the child seating position is legal and correctly fitted for use on the vessel.

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