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W5584 Children's jacket, overall, trousers, cap & mittens

INFANTEN jackets, overalls, trousers, hats and caps: Loose-fitting, turnable jackets with partly flexible hoods, bags and long arms with foldable arms. The loosely fitted overalls A, B2 have epaulettes, bag, low arms and a pressure step. Part A: Flexible thighs. Turn trousers with stretch waistband and foldable arms. Gloves have elasticity. Coat: 8 5/8" button and 1/4 of 3/8 " flexible.

Two 5/8 " button overalls A, W: 21/2 " x 21/2 " cloth remnants and 3/4 from 3/4 " Snap Tape. Elastic also for A: 3/4 and 1/2" yds. Trousers: 1/2 " 5/8 and above elastic. Gloves: 1/2 and a half from 1/4" Elastic. Jacket, A, C, pants: Hut C, D, D, mids: Leave additional cloth to fit checks or strips.

The width of the fabrics is given in inch. IN THE MIDDLE - 45", 60"**, 1/4 Y. The width of the fabrics is given in centimetres.

Girl Baby Sets & Overalls - Practical Clothing

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