Infant Play Seat

Toddler Play Seat

A fun seat for your little ones so they can sit comfortably while they play. The first Sit & Play infant positioning machine for toddlers A fun seat for your little ones so they can relax while they play. - Sofa soft seat with integrated mesh and adjustable playing field, bell ring, baby-safe rear view, baby-safe rear view mirror as well as rattles. - Superb soft fur ry backrest with removeable tablet and toy for baby's entertainment. Game cartridge and attachable toy - Wipe only.

Place the seat & play on a flat and sturdy base. Not to be used as a child seat or automobile seat. Avoid transporting the seat with the infant inside. Avoid placing or positioning the seat near anything that could be choking or suffocating, such as cord, blind/curtain cord, or fall.

Avoid placing the seat near a source of intense warmth or in bright sunshine. Avoid placing heavier or hooter items on the playing field. It is a plaything and must not be used as a supporting or restraining system or for any purposes other than controlled play. Orders over 50 are free of charge and exclude select children's beds, furniture ranges and large swingers.

Select your tag (delivery to a room of your choice) £9.95Selected cribs, furnishing collection and only bigger swingers. Exceptions are certain children's beds, furnishing and large swingers. Early mornings ( before 10:30) 9.95Order before 16:00 to get your order before 10:30 the following business days.

Playmats & Baby Fitness Studios

No matter whether they are still struggling on their backs or sit full and crawl around, there is enough to keep your little one busy on a play mats. Having a baby exercise studio completely upholstered with a carpet is the ideal place to keep your favorite infant busy for some period of your life or to keep them in view when you have to deal with lots of bit and sled.

Our assortment includes funny and colorful matting from top brand names such as Fisher Price and Baby Safari in various different size to match your room. Place your little one on a babymat that wrinkles as they move to create a new touch screen item in game time. Making a lot of sound will help keep the child stimulated while it's having a good time.

An overhanging toy and mobile phone infant play studio will help them coordinate as they grip, bump and grasp light coloured items. Can' t choose which is the best active mats for your little ones? To help you find the right toy for your child, we have a lot of tips on how to buy babies and toddlers games.

When they get older, keep up the good times with a little girl that they can get up and jump around in.

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