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Baby Sweatsuit Girl

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A charming little girl who has seen her chief executive officer nut make many voice call deals has embodied her impressively - unless she didn't know how to speak yet, it's all jargon. Honey 35-year-old Rachel Kaplowitz, Honey Chief Executive Officer, came home to find her little girl on her mobile who pretended to make a call.

At the beginning of the video the little girl - now three and a half years old - begins to sit on the cot and type numbers on an iPhone. As soon as she has acted as if she is dialing, she puts the handset to her ears as if someone else were really on the other line - but she puts the telephone backwards to her face.

Maybe one of the best aspects of the videotape is that the little girl is even waiting for the "person" on the other line to respond and looks down as if she is really considering an reply. And all the while she' s speaking, she puts her arms on her legs, with her hands rolled up into a dance, as if she was making movements.

Eventually, after she had finished saying what she had to say, the infant slowered her conversation before she hung up with the person calling and threw the telephone on the cot. And Rachel has another little girl who is only 10 months old and looks exactly like her sisters.

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