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I' m gonna have your little girl after six month of development. With 6 month they are halfway through their first year and really perform (although they don't quite walk). Continue reading to learn more about seeing, touching and disentesting your newborn. Your puppy will probably now notice the smallest detail - your ears, the flower on your blouse, the smell on his little bears - that he stares at for seconds at a stretch and even tries to grab with his hand (softer gestures come a little later).

The conversation with the child is an important part of speech formation. Regardless of how foolish you might be, try to maintain an ongoing narrative on everything you do with your infant - it's a great way to promote their speech. Whichever way your babe goes, it's okay, so don't be afraid.

The more abdominal space your child has, the thicker his hands and thighs will be and the more easily they can move. A few will take off after six month, others after 10 month and some will jump over the toddling. At the age of 6 month you may be considering weaning your child to solid substances.

It' s an exhilarating period for your child as he learns to try out new flavours, texts and even colors of nutrition. It is an important moment for you and your child and is a great connecting event as they study and test their nutrition. Getting a little sociable might help - maybe not yet coctail party, but play dates and infant groups get them used to getting to know newcomers.

When you stop in the midst of chanting a trusted children's song, your child will now be able to pre-empt the next - both from the reminder of listening to it beforehand and from the anticipatory sound of your own voices and your bodies. Gather some objects of different texts - a satin shawl, a sand paper plaque, a velvet toys and a stiff log - and urge them to sense each one.

One little comment on the evolution milestones: It is really real - all of the babies are different and although we can empower them, they will do things at their own speed and in their own times. Here you can find out more about the fear of developing infants and our milestone guideline at a glance. With our milestone overview you can also learn more about the evolution of your newborn.

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