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Elderly adults were encouraged not to use non-approved homoeopathic bite aids in infants and youngsters.

Infant and young child mothers should not use non-approved homoeopathic pediatric toothpastes or gel that are available online due to the risks of side side effect, the medicines and health products regulator said today. It follows an FDA study on homoeopathic bite pills and gel that can cause serious side affects such as attacks, respiratory problems, leakage, drowsiness, muscle fatigue, redness, blockage, difficulties passing urine or excitement.

This special product is manufactured and delivered by US based producers and is not approved for use in the UK and is not known to be available from UK retail stores. However, the products that are not licenced can be promoted on online shopping or drugstore sites. It is important for mothers and fathers to be sure that products approved in the UK are not affected.

Below you will find a listing of homoeopathic products approved by the MHRA that can still be used: It does not concern medicinal products which have received a United Kingdom traditionell Kräliche Zulassung (THR). This THR has been licenced by MHRA and can be used further: National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE) has compiled a synopsis of the available proofs and guidelines for dealing with the signs of childhood disease:!scenario The synopsis suggests that primary treatment should include self-care procedures, such as gently grating the gums and biting the baby on a fresh and cold surface.

A paracetamol or ibuprofen slurry used according to the directions may be taken into consideration for infants from the ages of 3 month. The MHRA Director of Licensing, Dr. Siu Ping Lam said: So if you have given your baby unapproved homoeopathic remedies and have these side affects, you should consult your physician for help. Everyone who has purchased non-licensed homoeopathic products online should not use them and should bring them back to your chemist for recycling.

Advising the general population not to buy unauthorised drugs online, we have recently started a drive to help consumers buy safe drugs online. Browse through our eight most important hints for the safe online purchasing of medications and equipment. October 19, 2016 More information about THR products.

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