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Is Babyshop's TrustScore okay with you? Babyshop - Cephalonia news board Hello, we're going to Kefalonia for a week (28 April to 5 May), but our guesthouse doesn't need a bathtub, so I could buy a baby foldingtub there. There' a store named Peratata Shop in Peratata above named after the turnoff to George's castle town. It' not just a toyshop, but a three-storey shop selling everything from toilet articles and stationary to landscaping and beaches.

There is an elevator on the top storey and on the other side of the shop there are toy and baby articles.

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As the Voksi was doing well, they sent a baby on the buoyancy aid instead of the neonate. However, the support agent encourages me to give away the wrong sized. If it was the wrong height for a neonate - and who could know, it would still suit next year.

Why would I want to share your negligence? Well, I told you I needed the right height in 14 seconds. This gives them enough free space for the most cost-effective shipment at their expense. Prior to getting the answer, I had reviewed the website and determined that the right sized was available, but not the colour I had initially selected.

Just think, although it was their fault, they didn't want to pay the shipping to fix it by giving me a different one. BabyShop's way of doing things is all about babies... so why would they want to run the risks of winning a few customers internationally? When this complete absence of support and conscientiousness was not severe enough, I did NOT receive a refund.

Refusing to make a reimbursement until their time-consuming "processing" had been completed. Indeed, I would suggest that you remain far away unless you are not discourteously handled, your order is rashly accelerated and your funds are kept as hostages in case she completely disregards your sponsorship and the absence of commercial code should lead to a mistake (her own creation).

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