Items to Purchase for Newborn

Articles to buy for newborns

The first time I did, I found out there were things I didn't buy, things I had to buy when he was a few days old to buy the stuff. Protection of app advertising or in-app purchases. Gift kit for newborns Purchase through the Website is governed by the policies contained in these Conditions. Buying a product on the website represents a statement by the client that he has reviewed, fully understands and accepts the contents of these rules. The present General Business Condition represents a legally valid agreement between you and us.

Any new functions or utilities added to the actual shop are also governed by the General Conditions. The latest versions of the General Conditions can be viewed at any given moment on this page. Any part of these General Conditions may be updated, modified or replaced by us by publishing the latest information and/or changes to our website.

You are responsible for checking this page from period to period for changes. Retained the right to deny the use of the services to anyone for any cause and at any moment. Do not use our products for any illegal or unauthorised purposes, and do not breach any applicable statutes in your jurisdictions (including, but not restricted to, intellectual property laws) when using the Services.

Without our explicit authorization, you consent not to copy, duplicate, or distribute any part of the Service, the use of the Service, your accessing the Service, or your contacting the website through which the Service is provided. Failure to comply with any of these conditions will lead to immediate cessation of your services.

If you agree to these Conditions of Use, you declare that you have at least reached the legal majority in your country or region of domicile or that you have reached the legal minority in your country or region of domicile and you have given us your agreement that your minors may use this website.

This website provides a broad selection of articles, some of which are handmade to order. Therefore, all images of the handcrafted items are for illustrative purposes only, and minor changes are anticipated between the item shown on the Site and the item received by the Client. Hereby it is made clear that the photos of the objects do not represent any depiction of the Company before the purchase of the objects.

Should an article be out of inventory, we will endeavour to provide you with an opportunity to purchase an alternate article of a similar type and value, and you will be given the opportunity to modify your order or void your initial order accordingly.

We cannot warrant that items will be shipped to you if you enter false identifying information at the point of purchase. Should the items be returned to us due to false information provided by you, you will be invoiced for the cost of delivery and order processing.

Deliveries of most items purchased on site take approximately 14 business working days from the date of order confirmation. Articles with a longer lead times are to be noted on the website. Simultaneously, we will do everything in our power to shorten the lead-times.

Please note that there is no need to check the lead time of any product that is not shipped by express mail, and you agree that you are not entitled to any claims due to delays other than by express mail. The return of articles is possible in one of the following options, according to your selection:

Face-to-face Merchandise Exchanges - Any items bought on this site may be redeemed or redeemed for a Merchandise Coupon in the amount of the real amount of money you redeemed for the items on this site. Withdrawal of payment against reimbursement - the purchase of an article bought on this website may be cancelled at any moment from the date of order completion and until the end of 14 workingdays from the delivery date or from the date of reception of the payment authorisation, whichever is later.

Cancelling such an order is returning the goods to our warehouses by you in person or by funding the costs of returning the goods to our warehouses in their factory package and refunding you the actual costs of the goods purchased by you (less postage and returns charges). Without departing from the above considerations, it should be made clear that a personalised article cannot be given back or substituted.

Articles shipped from our warehouse go through a QC procedure. If, however, the items you ordered were incorrect on receipt due to our failures, you will not be billed any delivery, packing or processing charges. When you have obtained a faulty and incorrect article, make every attempt to provide you with a replacement for the faulty article with a current article.

Late use or impossibility of use of the Site, delivery or non-delivery of any service, whether electronic or physical, whether electronic, text, images, videos or sound or any information, availability purchased through the Site, and you DO NOT WARRANT YOUR LOSS OF INFORMATION ON the Site.

In the event that you are not happy with any part of this Website or any of the Conditions of Use, your only and exclusive recourse shall be to terminate your use of the Website. Our product pricing is changeable without advance notification. The Service (or any part thereof or the contents thereof) may be changed or discontinued at any convenient moment and without advance notification, without any obligation to make any representations and/or communications.

However, we do not have the obligation to confine the sale of our goods or service to any individual, geographical area or legal entity. The company reserves the right to reduce the quantity of goods or service it offers. Any product or price description is at your own risk and may be changed at any moment without previous notification.

The right is reserved to stop any item at any moment. Every offering for a specific item or feature on this website is invalid if it is forbidden. There is no warranty that the workmanship of any goods, provision of information, or other materials purchased or received by you will be satisfactory.

The provisions of this Directive shall be exclusively subject to the law of the State of Israel and the law of the State of Israel shall govern only the Website, its use, the Conditions of Use and the Privacy Statement and all issues related to any of them, as well as their interpretations, and all disputes and/or issues of law arising in connection with the Website. The Privacy Statement shall be submitted to the appropriate Haifa courts.

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