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Johnson Baby Products Safety? Each component of our products is carefully checked by scientists before being chosen. We then test and review our end formulas to make sure they are secure and work well. Our aim is to make sure you know that all our products comply with our stringent hygiene requirements to make sure they are used safely and of the highest possible standard.

Where is talcum? talcum is a natural occuring natural minerals that has been used for generation in many bodypowders. For many years talcum has been a favourite component and has been proven by scientists to be safely used. Are you using any formaldehyde in any of your baby products? Are you using Quaternium-15 in your baby products?

In our JOHNSON'S baby products in Great Britain and Ireland we do not use any formally dehydrogenating conservatives. Are you using MIT in all your baby products? Are you using Phthalate in any of your baby products? Are you using 1.4 Dioxan in any of your baby products? Traces of 1,4-dioxane in our baby products have been cut to the current minimum reliable measurement, well below our safety standards.

Are you testing one of your products on an animal? Are you using and buying flavored hand oils in your products?

Your baby secure? Johnson's baby powder and crab... what we know, world news.

How secure is the lotion for infants? The talcum powders are made from talcum, a minerals extracted from resources all over the globe and comminuted into a household appliance. International Agency for Research on Cancer classifies talcum use as " potentially cancerogenic". It is part of the WHO, which brings together health professionals from around the globe to find out how likely products are to cause cancers.

In the UK there are about 7,300 cases of ovary carcinoma every year, and although it is uncommon, it is often lethal because UK females have only 35 per centĀ of the chances of surviving when a diagnosis is made. Dr. Luisa Dillner, who leads a BMJ research group, recommends that although talcum is not insecure, the use of a clean cloth is not.

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