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On-line shopping from a large selection in the Baby Products Store. Baby items you don't have to buy. Any new parent knows that the number of products needed before a new baby is born is infinite, not to speak of the cost - so it is best to choose the basic things of the baby and not be seduced by everything that looks "cute" and "stylish". The results are quite interesting, it seems that for new families security was the main concern, with staircases and baby phones chosen as two of the most useful products.

However, baby cradle doors and baby wash basins were not as well-loved. Below you can see the complete listing of the least useful products. Ok, so your little one will look ludicrously sweet when he has to jump around the opening, but this is really not necessary. Equally well, a spring loaded stool works - they can jump, they can fall asleep, they can be lined in the stool and they can be rocked and played with.

There' really no need for a baby wash-basin. Buying a baby bathtub is a much better buy - you can put it in your bathtub, shower stall and even on the ground in the center of your bath. If you just want to give your baby some refreshment, baby cloths or flanell work are just as good!

The diaper truck is mounted on the side of your baby's manger or diaper changer and can then easily grab in and remove a diaper whenever you need it. The Bumbo chair looks like a high chair, but lies on the floor so that you can keep your baby fed at his heights.

Back pain with this one! You are best to await your baby to get up alone and choose a high chair so that you can all have supper together at the dining area. Bridles sounds like a good way to keep your little ones secure while they stroll around on a grocery stroll or on the road.

However, many mothers find it just as difficult to keep them within the bounds of the action as they do without! Six new mothers were asked to tell us about the baby products they love and hate and the results were very different. What products have you found most/least useful as a mother?

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