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Enchanting gifts for newborns. Proud to supply unique baby gifts in the UK. Little Lavender Tree is an online boutique that offers beautiful accessories and gifts for all your...

. A thermometer; calamine lotion; first aid accessories for babies; antiseptic wipes; video: One pack of frozen peas is just as good, but wrap them in a clean tea towel before applying to the skin.


It' s been a whole week since the new fall line was released, and the response so far has been extremely upbeat. Together with Linda Sätterström, our foundress and director of creativity, we got together to find out a little more about how this line was born. Linda, what was your point of departure for this line?

and just make it happen. My aim was to produce a large pattern library where you felt forced to blend and use them together, layering by layering, without necessarily "fitting". There'?s a pattern on everything! They also use coatings on coatings of different colors, designs and fabrics.

Messing, golden, leather, furs - I simply totally loved him and felt that I wanted to include this aesthetics in our collections. it would be hard to put them directly on baby accessories. Thus playedful Pepe became a kind of figurehead for this collecting tank. The 2017 furs trends were obviously still buoyant, so the development of Not Funeal as part of the range was a matter of course.

Actually, I think this is the funniest line I've ever created. A few final tips on how you can best use this line for your clients? Now, as I said, this whole thing revolves around shift after shift.

Best Baby Toy 2018 - teething rings, development tools and bestsellers.

Often the smooth, cosy toy for newborn babies will be a beautiful touch that your baby will love to stretch out and touch. Even from the age of about two month you will find that your baby will have fun to play with smooth rattle. About three to four month from now, your baby starts trying to capture things around him.

This is a good moment to present a playmat with many different playthings to keep your baby occupied. Cause and effect development: At about five month of age, your baby will start learning about cause and effect - when I meet it, it makes a sound, when I press it, it moves.

This is a good moment to launch toy music. These develop at the age of about six month, so toy where your baby puts an item on or in another is great. Your baby will enjoy the interactions even more from the age of about seven and up. Best baby toy listing 2018: In order to help you find out which baby toy is best to buy, we have summarized our Top Picks:

When you think of something with a neonate in the first few month, it's your sleeping! Fortunately, there are many baby games that can help. The Ollie the Owl can be used from childbirth and is a stuffed animal, with four different built-in melodies, a lights and a fright sensing device that will play your baby a musical tune when he wakes up at midnight.

It is a life saver - it not only looks charming, it is also very stunning and calms even the most troubled baby. He' s secure from the moment he's born and will entertain your baby for month. The Bunny soother is ideal for your baby thanks to its smooth, charming design. It' s suited from the moment of your baby being born and powerful enough to withstand the test of your baby's best friends.

Calming soft gingiva, your baby will like to chew on Gertie's legs, cocks and bill to ease any initial soreness. The Learn and Groove Musical Table from LeapFrog is a plaything that will delight your baby for a while. Baby play mat is a good return on your baby's money.

It may seem pricey, but it will grow with your baby and can be used from the time of delivery until about 18 months old. We' ve looked at some of the other best baby toy models here. Luminous little music circles that keep your baby happy for many hours, both at home and on the go.

Musikrings are designed for small hand sizes and are ideal for use from the age of three years. The test subjects also found that the ring is extremely strong and can withstand the unavoidable fall from the high chair! Like always with Lamaze toy, this is much more than just a rattles! This may be more costly than other mobile phones on the open circuit, but will keep your baby until the age of three.

Made of 100% pure rubbers, this sweet little Duck is perfect from the moment of being born.

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