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The BBC - Devon Features - Newborn infants like to see handsome faces. It shows that babies are born with built-in predilections that help them understand their new surroundings. In front of photographs of a mock-up and a simple -looking female, a neonate is pulled into the more beautiful face. Instead, it seems that everyone is born with a pre-programmed appreciation of what makes a personality appealing.

Newborn babies were shown two pictures side by side, one with an appealing face and the other with a less appealing face. Scientists say that babies spend more hours looking at the face than looking at the less appealing face. It is in the baby's eyes from the point of delivery and possibly also before birth," says Dr. Alan Slater, Exeter neuroscientist.

"Thou canst show them couple by couple faces, which are suitable for anything but attraction. Babies are born with built-in predilections. "Mothers' faces seem to be blurry for newborns at first, but they can distinguish their mothers' faces from those of females only 15 minutes after birth," Dr Slater said.

Baby's spend an 80% of their lives looking at the couple's face on it. The neonates used in the trial were on mean about two and a half years old, but some were only a few and a half years old. "Attraction lies not only in the eyes of the observer, but in the brains of the neonate from the time of delivery and possibly before birth," said the University of Exeter scientist.

A further survey by Dr Slater's research group showed that infants were also born with a congenital auditory organ for listening to soundtrack. Investigators found that neonates seem to have certain predilections for musicality from the moment of conception. You showed a strip of crimson on the plank in front of the baby. Looking at the strip, the neonates were playing a song.

As the newborn babies glanced away, the bleeding stops.

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