Just Born Baby Clothes Brand

Baby Just Born Clothing Brand

Each parent knows that babies - newborn or older - can be very, very dirty! Aunt and Uncle love me // Baby Body // Aunt and Uncle Baby Shirt // Baby Shower Gift // Newborn Baby // Baby Boy // Baby Girl. Stylish with substance: Groundbreaking baby clothing brand helps orphaned babies around the globe

She was a new-born baby whose mom had unfortunately died and whose familiy was unable to take care of her. Born in Gambia - one of the worlds richest states. Mariama, now a beautiful little gal who lives with her new home - her SOS mom, her brother and sister.

One year has passed since I started with baby loves. 100% of our winnings are donated to the charitable organization SOS-Kinder to help deserted and deserted infants to find a place to be lived, cared for and beloved in committed children's communities. Already after one year we are supporting Mariama and five other infants in Africa as well as in India and Brazil with our income.

I was inspired to found "from Babies with Love" by my mother. Isaac, my child, was born just before Christmas, so when the Christmas advertisements of the big children's aid organisations came up with Isaac in my arms, I felt a new plane of emotions and more than ever decided to do something.

To become parents has nurtured my faith that every baby should have a decent beginning to their lives no matter where they are born. When I was buying Isaac's baby clothes, I thought to myself: If I could buy nice baby clothes and know that the profits will help baby in need, why should I buy elsewhere?

This is how "of infants with love" was born! One of the aspects I like most is to get updated about the kids we are supporting, and share this information with our clients. We have a special offer - you buy nice baby clothes and appreciate to know that you are going to help needy baby. Go to www.frombabieswithlove.org, rummage through our wonderful assortment of baby clothing and learn more about all the kids we sponsor.

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