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Stimulation of the sexual sensations of your babies Series: Fragrance What can I do to help my baby's nose? Does babys sniff? In view of the amount of stinking diapers you would be excused if you thought your baby's sensory perception was absent. But in fact, your baby's scent perception is very delicate from the moment of delivery. There are 10 easy ways to boost your baby's budding scent.

Stay away from artificial ly scented fragrances, de-odorants and moisturizers and let your child know about your incomparable fragrance. Your baby's act of snuggling increases both your and the level of a homozygous substance named oxygentocin - generally known as the "love hormone" - which can help establish stronger ties between you two.

Infants' nose is so finely attuned that they can recognize the scent of their own mother's chest. When you breastfeed, let your infant find his own way to your teat by prying and snooping. During the first few weeks when you are abandoning your child for the first few weeks, it is a good idea for you to keep a pillowcase or towel-dress that you have been wearing in your bedroom with the person taking care of your child.

Once the infant can sense your fragrance, it will relax and be comfortable. To be in a trusted, fragrant environment like your manger or playpen can also help reassure a restless newborn. Babies can evolve a bond to a comfortable rug or toys that will soothe them, these items can be a great sleeping aids, but you need to throw them away now and then to washe them.

Don't be amazed if the babe turns her down when you give her back. The soothing odour may take some getting back. Remembrance and olfaction are handled by the same part of the mind, which is why certain odours are reminiscent of certain experience. An intimate odor could cause your kid to remember you for many years.

Babies' odor surviving senses are fine-tuned by about three month's training, which can help understand why your child will start crying or become frightened when it first encounters a stranger with an unknown odor. Have your boyfriend or family member keep him or her tight so the newborn can get used to the odour of someone new.

After six month your child will use his olfactory senses to determine which food and tastes he enjoys and not. It is a good moment to bring in the scent of different aromatic plants and additives. Try, for example, to crush a spearmint sheet in the hand and let it snuffle on it.

A great way to encourage your baby's sense of sound, cognition and odour at the same time is to have him snuff a variety of items throughout the home, from linen to a foam towel to a quilt. Speaking out the name of each object aloud as you take it in turns to scent it will help it get nearer to the next landmark in infant evolution.

While it is better to prevent strong fresh fragrances and aromatic tapers in the first few weeks, aromatic therapy fluids, especially those from vanilla and honey, have a calming effect on newborns. Likewise, if your child has a clogged muzzle from coldness, choose a naturally occurring aromatherapy-based swelling remover that can be placed on a favorite quilt or a favorite child's bedspread.

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