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The Kids Stuff provides families with everything they need for their babies and children on holiday at the Costa Blanca. Children's clothes - Baby equipment rental Costa Blanca The Kids Stuff provides the family with everything they need for their baby and child holidays on the Costa Blanca. The rental of baby and children's gear in Calpe, Moraira & Javea, Costa Blanca Spain comprises high stools, cribs, prams, baby carriages, prams, staircases, baby carriages and child seat. The Kids stuff hose is the best rental firm for baby and children's gear along the Costa Blanca.

Kindermaterial supplies and delivers a full line of baby products, comprising cribs, pushchairs, baby carriages, baby carriages, car seat, stairs, high chairs, baby bath, baby change mat and baby walker. Website, by e-mail or by direct call. You will then ship the ordered articles at a point in your life that suits you, the client - that's how easy it is.

Swimming time They offer a number of baby bathrooms, baby seat, diaper change, potty and toiletry seat. Passenger seatsThey offer a wide variety of passenger seat options designed for infants and youngsters from 0 to 4 years of age. Offer group 0, group 1 auto seat, booster seat and booster pad. Every seat is produced according to EU specifications.

High-chairsSimple folding high-chairs and boosters. You can also get classic pinewood highchairs with a seperate desk and food enhancer seating, perfect for use in a restaurant. Pushchairs and baby carriagesYou carry baby carriages, baby carriages and baby carriages for children aged 0 to 4 years, double baby carriages included.

Stairs You deliver security stairs with variable breadths from 70 cm to a max. of 1,1 inches. Toy and pencilsAn excellent selection of toy for infants and toddlers from 3 month to 4 years. Kindly be aware that we can only deliver your toy together with your order of kindergarten tools. Sterilisers Ensure that you can meet the same hygienic requirements as at home with our line of sterilisation devices to meet your needs.

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