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wenboutique. Online Shop GO KIDS Children nearby have now opened in their new boutique next to Nike. The Kids around shop is dedicated to famous brands of children's designers.

Children's fashions, Children's on-line shop for children

To us at Alice & Alice, living isn't always what it seems. And we want the place around us to be a better and more beautiful place. It is our firm belief that kids are the best in the whole wide range of the arts, and teaching them now about styles and tastes will enhance their careers in the years to come.

This is one of the main motivations why we chose to create Alice & Alice - a place on the Internet where the most trendy children's fashions meet the highest level of product and service excellence. More than just another children's onlineshop. For us, fashions are not only a question of the latest fashions, but also of the sentiments and emotion we want to convey.

We' re training them in the better way of the day. Although streamwear is part of our daily lives, with Alice & Alice we want to give you an option. This is one of the main reason why we only sell sustainably manufactured goods. Becoming big lovers of slower fashions and the choice of offered makes, such as Little Creative Factory, Motoreta or Macarons, justify our conviction that the next step of fashions will be to produce locally using the highest grade fabrics.

But we also keep a close eye on the latest fashions, which is why we sell items that have become loved by young clothes lovers' families all over the globe, such as mini dressing stockings and Atsuyo et Akiko avant-garde utus. Explore the adventure of our little Wunderland; lean back, unwind and indulge in your own grocery store adventure.


Children and adults will not be able to avoid the Marais' creativity, environmental responsibility and ethics. Rely on authenticity and singularity to give your children or yourself a great present. IT' A TALE OF GRANDMA AND ZAK IN PARIS...... When Nana and Zak went into the small alley of their Paris resort and the man behind the writing table with deep wavy coat and thin mustache was leaning forward, saying "Bonjour Zak".

He giggled and moved to Zak to join him in the lift, which was hardly big enough for Zak, Nana and the hotelier. Zak had narrated to Nana that Paris was sometimes referred to as the "City of Lights", and he asked himself if he would ever see the candles from his windows.

As Nana said, he had to await to see that many beautiful things were in store for him. It was Nana who took her to her favourite Paris garden. It' named Place des Vosges (plass tag vojh).   Zak followed the example of the young people of France who played in the sandbox and climbed in the crag.

As Nana said, the sculpture was a man who was king of France many years ago, and he was living in the building at the entry to the garden. and Zak ordered random portions of French sandwiches. "Zak repeats Frenchs Toast," but the waitress didn't know what it was.

so he asked for chips. "That' s what they call chips in France," Nana said. Oh, what a delicious flavor was filling the breeze and what a pleasure to plunge these chips into their beverages. With a smile on her face, Nana realized that Zak had found what a unique place a Parisian coffee shop could be outdoors.

As Nana tells Zak that Parisians loved Parisian tunes, he replies that he also likes tunes, and the next times he goes to Paris he wants to take his own instrument with him and perform Frere Jacques and some other tunes that Parisians would like. She was sure this would be a great pleasure for the Parisians.

With so many museum in this town, Nana and Zak had a big choice to make. Having searched a well-stocked collection of images of many of them, Zak chose the Pompidou Museum to take them on this very long, high moving staircase from which they could see so much of Paris and many of its slated roofs.

Particularly popular were the giant pictures and sculpture in the museums. Right in front of the museums there is a beautiful lake with all kinds of colourful mobile phones. There was another buffoon playing great lieder on an Accordion. The next morning he wanted to go back to the Pompidou Musée, but when Nana proposed a cruise on the Seine, Zak thought it would be a good idea to go back to the Musée the next time he visited Paris.

The Nana and Zak got on the ship with about twenty other folks from different nations who also visited Paris. Languages spoken: French and English. There was a giant Notre Dame church that was more than a thousand years old. And Nana could hardly believe that such a stunning edifice could have been constructed so long.

Bateau crossed under viaducts connecting the right side, the so-called right shore, with the right or right shore of Paris. Zak Nana told Zak that one night they would go out with a horseshoe and a stroller to see all the Paris street lamps that give Paris the name "City of Lights".

Also, he noted that most children in France don't carry ball tops, so he asked Nana if he could get his things packed until he returned to America. When Nana purchased a Basque cap for Zak in France, he felt very comfortable on a merry-go-round with kids living in Paris.

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