Kids Clothing Offers

Offers for children's clothing

Have a look at our new seasonal clothing offer for boys and girls with jackets, dresses, tops and more. We offer the right clothes for adults and children, for racing cyclists, mountain bikers and touring cyclists. An exclusive selection of luxurious children's clothing, footwear and accessories from the world's leading designer brands.

Finding the right bike clothing for you

Perfect fitting, comfortable and durable - these are the key characteristics of cycling trousers, because there is hardly any other type of sports with higher pressures and freshness..... - TOUR 05/18: Outstanding ( 1.5 ) - The ROSE PREMIUM sports pants help you gently compact VEGA during your trip....

GONSO ARICO's convenient short is ideal for biking vacations, bicycle trips and daily rides. ROSE HEATHER Bicycle Trousers is a classic example of being understated. The ROSE BIOXELL gloves, our best seller, have been facelifted. ROSE's DESIGN IV trousers are made of lightweight knitted braces combined with highly breathable materials to ensure optimum thermal comfort.

We provide the right clothing for children and grown-ups, racing bicyclists, mountaineers and tourers. Not only is it important to have the right bicycle, it is also important to have the right clothing for the sport of biking. You will find a large selection of clothing for every purpose, as well as helms and accessoires.

Children's clothing sales - Discounts on clothing

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Selling Back to school with TU offers up to 25% discount on ALL children's clothing.

Already now the TU can help a parent cut the cost of his or her uniform by 25 percent as the end of the holiday season approaches. This means that the price for a pair of girl's pants starts at 4.50, for a boy slightly more with a price from 5.25. The price for 3-packs Unix polarities starts at 2.63, 3-packs Unix polarities at 3.38 and 2-packs skirts at 4.50.

So, if you want to fill up your dressing room with a little money, selling the TU is a good way to begin. Don't wait too long if you want to demand the 25 percent; business ends at 12:00 p.m. on Monday, August 20.

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