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Discover the Moschino collection with children's designer clothing, shoes and accessories. Muschino baby girl red doughnut print dress. Select from printed dresses, tailored shirts and complete swimsuits.

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Talking to chef, TV presenter and mother sup Mimi Thorisson about home cooking, fashions, her love for eating and housing in the country. And when did your love of eating begin? Coming from a gourmet home, I must have gotten a taste for good eating, especially from my sire.

I' ve always liked to eat well, to love great places to eat, to look for the best things to eat... I spend all my summer with my great niece and my grandma, they teach me everything about preparing dishes in season. It was the right time because our kids were so small that we have more flexible with our families and family.

In summary, rural living has given me complete liberty.

Will you tell us a little about your loved ones and how you succeed in finding a work-life equilibrium that works for your man and you as a pair, your kids and yourself? We' re one big group. By the time I meet my man, he has 2 kids at the age of 7 and 9 years, and I have a girl at the age of almost 2 years, we fall in love and have 5 kids together.

Now we are 8 years old and like our big one. In terms of a healthy lifestyle, I think the keys are to put everything together until it works, just like a prescription. It takes your children a lot of work, a lot of married couples and they are all important.

Your children's clothes stumble? To me it' classic, stylish, feminine, self-assured and stylish. Old trendy, classic, chic, sweet and iconical. Personally, I like to write short story and I am passionately interested in eating. My readers should be fascinated to prepare my own prescriptions and should enjoy being content! It' about getting around the desk and having a good one.

Fantastic home kitchen for everyone. How do you like the La Coqueta look and what are your five favorite songs? It' s what I look for in children's clothes. Since I have so many kids, I have always searched for nice and eternal plays, and it is so nice to give them to her brothers and sisters.

Particularly I adore the girl's clothes for this latest line, especially the Aranda dress and the Pradera dress. Personally I adore classic items, and I often look for a particular dress from the 30s or 50s... It is a little bit of ardor. Apart from that I devote myself to clothes, I like to feel female and unfashionable.

Classical staples like a Kamelmantel, a Stella McCartney jacket, a Chanel purse, a small dress, Repetto sales are a must in my wardrobe.

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