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Kate Middleton always clothes her kids identically.

Princess Charlotte looks beautiful on her great-grandmother's leg with a dress and a rose sweater and pantyhose like a painting on the lady's ninetieth birthday portrait. Undoubtedly, her dam, the Duchess of Cambridge, chose her historical photograph dress with care, and somewhat uncommonly, she chose one that was almost the same as what Charlotte carried for a photograph of the end of October 2015 used on the family's Christmas postcard.

In the meantime her younger sister George was wearing his usual uniforms consisting of short sleeves, stockings and a sweater with a pattern. The decision to dress Princess Charlotte in a very similar dress is, in my opinion, a conscious one," she said to FEMAIL. Instead of generating a buying mania around her daughter that supposedly "supports" the artist, she tries to portray the normalcy of her familiy by wearing her baby twice in a similar dress.

For a series of portrait photos taken at Kensington Palace in October, Princess Charlotte was wearing a Mediterranean dress of the Barcelona based company M&H - a present from her nana Maria Borrallo - combined with a rose coloured gown and pantyhose. The knitted jacket came from the young fashionist Fina Ejerique and last year he was wearing a sweater of the same make for the Christmas cards of the whole familiy - again with a pair of short sleeves, a pair of stockings and the same heels.

And the Duchess is known for openly referring to the story. At Charlotte's baptism she clothed George in crimson short sleeves and a broidered shawl in black and black, exactly the same as William's dress to see his little prince Harry for the first outing. The Duchess, conscious of the online environment in which we are living, has learnt from the many, many cases in which her apparel was almost immediately out of stock online.

In response, she obviously tries to use her influences in a wise way; she chooses British or regional fashion design, chooses accessible clothes and extends them to her kids. Charlotte has been depicted in public only five occasions, including departure from the clinic, on her baptism date and as a neonate in a jumpsuit with Prince George.

The Duchess herself has a tremendous impact, especially online - it seems she avoids putting her kids in something too greasy or especially special to prevent them from attracting the same attention," Holly said. She also avoids the limestone lights, which unhealthily focus on Princess Charlotte and Prince George.

Suzanne Peters, a children's stylish stylist, agrees that the Kate nostalgia for her kids is more than just a matter of individuality. Prince George and Princess Charlotte clearly have a very definite stylistic approach that makes them look almost the same from one picture to the next," she said.

Yes, it looks like we were children, even generation before us - but I would say their styles are traditionally, classically and ageless. The Duchess clothes her children the way the Spaniards dress their children today - in fact some of her labels come from Spain, like Amaia Kids and M&H.

They are personalities of life in general and have to visit official events at an early stage. Kari Nyack, a children's styler, said that Kate's decisions for George and Charlotte reflect her own down-to-earth style of attiring. Kate doesn't seem like a mom who wants to force her children's fashions into a medial craze, as she has done with her own decisions about outfits, which is perhaps why she chooses more traditionally discreet design brands," she said.

Most of the mom and dad I work with would not put their kid in the same look more than once if they were seen by the same crowd, and these images are seen by the whole group. She' s a down-to-earth personality who has no disgrace at showing the rest of us that she's as ordinary as we are, she doesn't follow the spirit of the celebrities to be shot once in an apparel and then throw it away, and that's one of the things the country likes about her.

However, children's moderator Emma Smith says she would like to see the Duchess become a little more adventure-loving. I wonder, however, whether Kate and Wills should dress them both as more fashionable kids and not as kingly relicts in handed-down clothing. How great would it be to see Prince George walking around in a couple of mini-Nikes?

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