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Bring the latest children's fashion online from designer brands Guess, Jean Paul Gaultier, Desigual, Mini Melissa, Sarah Louise, Tommy Hilfiger & many more. They want their children to be comfortably and practically dressed and they want to be dressed to reflect their funny personalities. Are you looking for new fashion ideas for children this spring? Kuma Design's children's fashion accessories make your little butterflies stand out from the crowd - from cute mini butterfly brooches to enchanting necklaces.

Children's fashion scarves will once again bring that dose of cuteness with our options that some of our brands include.

Coole children's fashion for young trend-setters

They want their children to be comfortable and handy dresses and they want to be clothed to mirror their funny people. Clothe your classy little team in these cool clothes - made for a game! A must for children on the go, this handy kit is a must-have. One of the best shirts in the world, the Poloshirt is easily washable and provides a funny burst of colours that kids will like.

Brilliant colors look great, with more subtle shades, so combine this shirt in your choice of colors with a couple of marine turquoise underwear. With this drawcord short your little ones can be actively without having to feel limited. Ideal for a full adventure out in the woods. Sweet and cool, these clothes are for your outdoor party!

Be it your girl's ultra-girlie complicated laces or graphical lacy designs, these plain clothes are great for young trend setters. Young trend-setters in your lives will appreciate this vivid bright blueshirt combined with bright blues and red-framed sharks and jeans with a touch of glowing sutures. Relaxed and easily awesome - just like your little one!

Combine this Pastell combination with a really cool rose thatched hat and small puff detail on the ultra comfortable sneakers. If your little one needs to find the part for the event, this stripey black vest with graphical detailing is the ideal one. The combination with a turquoise necktie and pants in cream rounds off the overall look.

Fat stripe T-shirts are a great option for the dressing room of your little ones, making it simple to combine them with a variety of colors. Robust short sleeves and sleek jeans round off the look for a great look in your springtime. You will always have good entry possibilities for long outdoor holidays in the great weather with these nonchalant separate units!

At the LOL Dolls Kids Fashion Show Kim Cardashian is cheering on the North.

At the beginning of the months she was ashamed of having her five-year-old North West girl wearing scarlet lip stick. After reassuring audiences that it was not a recurring event, Kim Kardashian made another Saturday night exemption for the LOL Dolls Kids Fashion Show. The 37-year-old, who looked like a proud mother, was posing with her oldest daughter before she cheered her on as she followed in Aunt Kendall Jenner's steps and entered her first runway. Suddenly, she was on the way to the airport.

For the children's evening, the celebrity had her long brunettes extended to form lots of seawells. Kris Jenner's daugther was seen connecting with the children behind the stage and at the same time taking care of the shop over her telephone. Children's Spa├čtag saw North join other toddlers like Bushy Phillips' five-year-old Cricket and six-year-old Mykal-Michelle Harris on the airstrip.

Kanye West's teenage girl made her fashion break. Wearing a Pokerface as she went on the show, North even had actor Bushy who cheered her on noisily. When he came to Instagram, Bushy humorously divided a second of the show's headline: "At a fashion show for dolls".

Busy, who was accompanied by Marc Silverstein, took part in Instagram and told a hilarious story about the show: "At a fashion show for dolls".

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