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Europe's largest online shop for streetwear & hip hop. Fresh, feminine and contemporary fashion, available online and in stores. We offer several concepts in the categories Women, Lingerie, Beauty and Kids. You can save for your children for free by shopping at KidStart today.

KidStart saves you money when you shop online.


However, there are inherent dangers associated with online shopping and you need to be careful about what you buy, from whom and how you are paying for your shopping. Select serious shopping locations. Make sure the website is safe before you enter your billing information. Cheating through making unprotected website transactions.

Scam caused by payment over an insecure Wi-Fi link. Counterfeit online store - counterfeit web sites and e-mail deals for goods and sevices that do not exists. Lose your funds on DSB transactions only to find that the goods are poor or do not even exists.

You will be quoted tailor-made rates which will be backed by the retailer's information about your online shopping preferences and the sites you visit. Make sure every online merchant you don't know is serious by investigating them. Specify a personal mailing and phone number. Keep in mind that the best way to find a serious retail store is through a referral from a trustworthy resource.

Keep in mind that making payments by debit cards provides greater security than other means of cheating, providing warranties and non-delivery. Review all your order information before you confirm your order. Prior to submitting your debit information to a website, make sure the links are safe in two ways: Within the framework of the browsing pane, a lock icon should appear when you try to login or sign up.

That''s for sure'. Above information only indicates that the connection between you and the website proprietor is safe and not that the website itself is genuine. You may be redirected to a third-party billing provider (e.g. WorldPay) by some Web sites. Make sure that these sites are safe before you make your payments.

If you make a deposit to a person, never wire the funds directly to their banking and use a safe payments page like PayPal, where the funds are moved between two eAccounts. Be sure to unsubscribe from websites you have signed in to or subscribed to. The simple closure of the web browsers is not sufficient to guarantee your private sphere.

After shopping, please review your credentials thoroughly to make sure that the right amount has been deducted and that no cheating has occurred. Make sure you have efficient and up-to-date antivirus/anti-spyware protection and anti-spyware protection before you go online. If possible, verify that the retail prices in your web browsers correspond to the prices in other people's browsers to make sure you are not overworked.

When you think you've become a prey to fraud: Call Action-Fraud, the UK Scam Research Bureau, at 0300 123 20 40 or to find out about it.

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