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Cookies are used to improve and adapt our websites and services. St. David's Dewi Sant mall for the kids. St. David's is a very peculiar place to take your little ones.

We have everything you need for an entertaining and hassle-free excursion, from toyshops and family-friendly eateries to parents' and children's playgrounds and easy access toilets..... Above St David's there is a 2,000 lot multi-storey garage which is one of the cheapest places for buyers in the downtown area.

There are 65 children's playgrounds for parents on level 3 to 6. You can reach the St David stores and restaurant by elevator from the campsite, which is great if you have a pram with you or a small one with tired feet. Hamleys, Disney Store, LEGO and Build-A-Bear under one umbrella make St. David's a shopping paradise for kids.

Also older children and adolescents will enjoy discovering - from the Tiger to the Beauty Studio of Superdrug, Smiggle and Paperchase to Hawkin's Bazaar. Explore our most magic stores. St. David's menu's are full of kids' favorite dishes. Explore children's cafes and inns. If you have a child in your wake, it is important to know where to find neat nappy change rooms and simple lavatories.

In St. David's you will find nappy-changing room in the toilets area on the upper and lower levels within Eastside. You will also find some really practical "double" mature toilets in the same place that you and your little one can share. They are spacious enough for your stroller and for shopping!

In several of our shops you can organize a children's or teenager's birthday parties.

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The Bordeaux people love kids, and the feelings are each other. The Cap Sciences, the skate park, the Miroir d'Eau, the Parc Bordelais or the Saint-Michel river sport complexes are all places where there is no lack of fun and activity for kids, from young to old. No matter if in the Cap Sciences, in the skate park, in the Miroir d'Eau, in the Parc Bordelais or in the sport fields at the river Saint-Michel, there is no lack.....

Throughout the year, the tourist office organises a number of different guided visits, excursions, rallies and shows for kids. In Bordeaux you will find a wide range of cultural attractions, shows and shows for young people.

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