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Rating of iWawa (Kids Home, Kids Mode)

The I Wawa is not in itself instructive, but offers a way to make an Android secure for kids, i.e. they can connect to instructive and fun applications and web sites without encountering anything improper. System setup is very simple - the first you open the application, you will be guided through all necessary procedures to create a new sub ordinate user to the system (or more if different kids will use the device).

Every stage of the set-up procedure is very easy - first with fundamental information about the kid so they can use the application later, and then with information about which applications and sites the kid can use. You also have the option to limit the amount of times each kid can use the unit for, either the same setting for each daily or with different limitations for each daily of the weekly period if desired.

You can also select an adult unlocking feature with the unit during setting up. As soon as everything is up and running, the kids can easily use the application themselves - they select their picture on the front page and then get their own custom settings for applications that they can also use. In addition to all the applications that were allowed during installation, the I Wawa application has additional built-in applications, such as a webcam and a web navigator, with the limited list of sites that were previously selected.

Adults can also create a folder with songs, video and images that the kid can share through I Wawa without going to the primary folder for them in the I Wawa system. This entire application is really well thought out to be simple and useful for the grown-up who shares his Adroid unit, as well as to offer lots of enjoyment and features that are useful for the kids.

This system allows kids to do so many different things and make so many adjustments that it can be used for kids from a very young age and is still sufficiently versatile to allow older kids to participate in a variety of ANDROID related outings.

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