Kids Trendy Clothes

Children Trend Clothing

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Elegant children: How trend writers clothe their kids

As a rule, kids are not known for their taste for fashions. Wearing children's clothes is just another way for men of styles to use their imaginative muscle and show off their cutting skills. Whilst many a parent dresses their kids in cheerful bright clothes, these sleek moms have a more sophisticated use. I' m a clothing reporter with two boys, Luca, six and Freddie, two, and I'd bet your life that you'd never see a designer my kid in either warm rose or fluorescent orange - it's creme blue, creme blue and steamed blue.

Nowadays, look at every front line and you'll find it's covered with mini-mesh - from babies in poor hands to infants, teenagers and teenagers - pint-sized fashions that usually look much better than their parent in tight denim and Breton-top. In addition, the inside track insiders the clothing editors about just about everything to do with shoppers, and you have the flawless store stamptyle.

So, what are the basic principles for having perfect adult children? Here three mod editor give you the overview..... Well, I also buy well-known makes, but I look for less evident ones. Jigsaw Junior and Zara, although I know my timeframe is short - both stores have beautiful things from babies' clothes to the ages of seven, but then it gets a little too much road.

Never would I buy design clothes for my girls because they grow like a weed and a 60 pound gown for the twin's mom is 120 pounds. The most important thing about my stylistic rules is that I don't want them to look too adult - they're six years old and I want to stick with it and make them look like kids.

Often I go to Fara Kids, a necklace of children's benevolent businesses in chic areas where I found parts of Marie-Chantal, Chateau de Sable and even rubber boots àigle. There are more refined pallets and brillant classical knitwear in the trendy outlets in France. I' m not scared of wearing my kids' creams or whites.

I mean, my kids always want things with TV or movie figures. Frequently I buy clothes for myself and the guys in the same stores - whether James Perse's shirt or J Crew's knitwear. They also have some unbelievable hand-me-downs, as well as my husband's clothing from the 1970' s, which includes an authentic Montreal Olympic Games Olympic Games jeans coat.

Nevertheless, they really want to look like movie personalities, which I won't allow - at best it' classic supers or classic Star Wars. Don't be too valuable with really nice clothes - if you put them away, your kids will have overgrown them before you know it.

Stella McCartney sales are ideal for classic items such as vintage knitwear and coats. Though I wouldn't believe that my kids would take a look at it, they probably do - I adore a stripey top, a small sweater coat and tube denims. Makes really good smooth pants out of jean, in which kids can run around.

To Rudy, I prefer shades of grey, marine blues and whites. Chloé designer clare Waight Keller tells me about Monoprix, a super market with great children's clothes. I' m not dressing my kids in anything with logo or any kind of badge. Spray on very particular items such as knitted goods, which last forever and can then be delivered.

Swap clothes with boyfriends - I have received so many nice items from other babies who have older babies than mine.

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