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Thirty coolest must-have gadgets for modern homes This intelligent must-have for your home gives you the feeling of being in a Bond film. Are you tired of wasting all your free hours doing the chores? Today almost everything can be operated with a mobile phone. There is nothing from your dog's food to the control of your home, from the opening of the front doors to the control of your refrigerator content that intelligent home technology cannot do?

Ranging from sleeping instructors to healthcare trackers, from refrigerator cameras to solar-powered lamps, these are the best new intelligent home appliances available today. Marie Wolt, the Swede label, is looking to ban unattractive wire and cable with cordless charge pods in classy marble-effect surfaces. Lost shipping notes are a fashionable form of winding, but now you can remote control the doors with a touch of your phone and the Video Doorbell 2.

The PR/01 Speaker's wooden ply and details in brasses include Active Pression Reflex Technologie (optimal audio for you and me), Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, and a hidden charger tray. The Light Phone is engineered for technically savvy minimumists and offers exactly the call making and reception feature that is kept tidy in a pack the size of a debit cassette.

It' s up to you to find out when the Furbo Hundekamera comes onto the UK market - just go ahead and get the application, switch on and observe your mongrel. Only personal recognition setting ensures that the puppy does not trigger alarm errors, while 130-degree vision and direct to your phone stream video directly to your phone, all safety screens are covered.

Turning on the radios is not a good way to make your home appear busy on vacation; Hive' s color change light globes can be turned on and off via a phone for a compelling We're at home trick. With the Nuki Smart-lock - which is fixed to your current padlock - you don't need to browse for your keys in the cold - it can be operated by your phone to release itself when you get home.

?99 for the castle; and ?39 for each extra trailer, Nuki. Tic, aic, aic, aic, aic, aic, aic, aic, aic, aic, aic, aic, aic. Don't be afraid - Ecovac's Deebot Ozmo 610 can be operated via an application so it starts its Smart Cleaning path before you have even put a single step in the doormat. Simply tap and grip the right earpiece to turn on the Google Assistant on your Android to access your favorite tunes, post your birthdays memories or, for Google's pixel telephone users, get real-time translations for calls in more than 40 different tongues - just the thing for those curious times on the road.

The popular theme is brought into the cosmopolitan realm and can be connected to your smart phone to create your favorite photos with the Polaroid edge. Not only are robotic cleaners for suction, they also wipe. iRobot' s Braava Jet wiping robot has three wiping modes: wipe clean, sweep sweep and vacuum.

Simply fill the tank, secure a cleansing Pad and push neatly. £49, Google. Cyclone V10 is a flowlined, aerodynamic cyclone that features enhanced air flow, a 40 percent bigger tank and up to 60 minute running times. Introducing the new iC1 mini-alxa-compatible wake-up function that lets you adjust it with your own vote - no more fumbling around trying to reset the timer.

There is also a rechargeable battery jack so you can recharge your mobile at the same speed. Simply attach the SeniTurn indicators to your hand before driving off, lift one hand to tell others that you are turning, and they will begin to flash for you. Robomow is perfectly suited for the maintenance of grass areas up to 1000m2 in surface area and takes good care of the grass so you can devote more of your life to the maintenance of grass plants and herbage.

As an intelligent midnight lamp, sleeping instructor, and baby phone all in one, it will educate your baby when to awake and provide calming sound to help them relax. Renowned for its superb vacuuming capabilities (it says it can clean up to 60x harder than other vacuums ), its potent spin power that removes grime, dusts and deposits, its built-in compact flash cam that assists it in finding the most effective way to clean, and its auto charging feature that lets it recharge itself whenever the rechargeable batteries run low before it's cleaned again, Samsung's Powerbot has earned enthusiastic criticism.

The latest Bosch indoor unit has everything that goes with it: time-saving, energy-saving and with a built-in mulch system (acts like a fertilizer), it works all by itself, maneuvers around obstructions independently, and even recharges on its own.

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