List of Baby Items for a Newborn

Baby articles list for a newborn baby

As soon as your babies get here, you'll be very busy. Consumers and professionals may even be able to pick up some useful second-hand items. Inform consumers and professionals about buying children's products;.

Things you can contribute - Stripey Stork

When you have clothing, playthings or other items for your baby or child that you no longer use, we can give them to a community that really needs them. Here is what you need to do before you deliver your items to us: To see if we can take what you need to contribute, please review the list of baby and children's items we process.

When the items you have are consistent with what we can provide, please send us an e-mail with a list of your offers and look on our How to Donate page to find out where and when you can return your items. When you are not in the Surrey area, click here to find a baby bench near you.

When you have a crib, stroller, stroller or high chair, these items have binding security requirements. They can only be resumed if they passed our security checks and met the standard. Hints for evaluating the appropriateness of articles: Verify that the tracks and floor strips are in place and are not splintering or otherwise broken.

Children's chairs can be reused with trays, seat belts, stable and safe, with brake, if they are on wheels and cleaned.

When donating a security door, please be sure to send the adjusting screw and screw, vacuum cup for installation on the door panel, any extensions, etc. in a transparent poly thene attached to the door. Our range includes baby size up to 16 years. The Stripey Storch is proud to pass on items in good state.

When you are not sure whether your clothes can be donated or not, is a good indicator a good indicator, would you give it to the kids of a good mate? Our toy factory is rebuilding toy for kids up to 5 years old, so toy, game, puzzle and book are very welcome. When you wish to give your beloved plush animals, please ask them to be washed first (please remember that for reasons of size we only take small plush animals; if you have large ones, please bring them to your nearest philanthropic shop).

Nor do we accept used mats ( of any kind ), electric items, potty/toilet chairs, jumpers, bumbo chairs, automobile chairs ( of any kind ), used breastpumps ( of any kind ) or mother or parentwear. Check this list of what we can and can't get home, and if in any doubt, please send us an e-mail.

When you are not sure whether your gift is secure, you can use our security list to verify.

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