List of Baby Items to buy

A list of baby articles to buy

Babybank supports families in Waltham Forest who need extra help, but we need your support to ensure that every baby can thrive. When you throw a baby party, be sure to read our list of the best baby party games to start the party! Currently you do not have any saved articles. Saving for Later is a great place to store items that you like or want to buy at a later date. This are only real items that I use regularly and LOVE and have no regrets when buying!

Stored elements

Currently you do not have any stored articles. Saving for Later is a great place to store items that you like or want to buy at a later date. Watch out for the cardiac symbol "Save for Later". Buy now and buy later at the cashier if you are spending £50 or more. Prevent interest by making a full payment within 12 month.

Purchasing now paying later typcial interest is 44.9% per year. The Buy Now Pay Later ( BNPL ) allows you to postpone your purchase by 12 month. Release for payments begins with your order (including items bought in advance and/or not immediately available for shipment). Choose BNPL at the cash desk and the payback time of 104 or 156 week.

It is the refund term that you will be paying after the expiry of the free 12 month term. Interest rates commonly used to compute BNPL interest rates are 44.9% per year. The interest rates are indicated in the cash register. Interest is determined from the release time for payments and the redemption time.

Interest can be avoided by fully repaying the full amount of the spot rate within the free of charge payment-date. If you do not have BNPL shopping on your bankroll, please be aware that you must still make at least your BNPL deposit as stated on your billing information.


To find out which items we can take and how you can bring them to us, please complete these simple instructions. Even if you have no items to contribute, we would still appreciate your help. Money is always needed to buy new mats, bottle nipples and rain protection for baby carriages.

Maybe you can put a few toilet articles into your cart next week or give us something from our Amazon wish list. Have you any items from this list? In case you have articles that are not on the wish list, please contact us by e-mail, as we may still be able to include them.

When you have toilet articles, detergents, bottle nipples or monitor nipples to give, you can give them to one of our Toilet Article Gift Points (please see the Toilet Article Gift Points section at the bottom of the page for a list of what we need and where the points are). From time to time we organize fundraisers where we ask for a larger selection of articles.

Please make sure that if you have items that we currently need, they comply with our security policy. When you have toilet articles, screens or (unused, unopened) bottle nipples, you can return them in one of our toilet article containers. To see what toilet articles we need and where you can take them, please click on the links below.

From time to time we organise fundraising activities where we ask for a longer list than our normal wish list. The next fundraiser is on Saturday, April 28, at our camp in Fishponds. To see what items we need and for a card please click the links below to go to our stock.

Money is always needed to buy new mats, bottle nipples and spare parts for pushchairs. As a taxpayer, we can also use a gift idea for your gift. It' simple to make a gift or contact via Local Giving or Just Giving! Well, we know that some folks choose to give objects instead of money.

To this end, we have created an Amazon wish list. Articles are sent directly to one of our voluntary workers.

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