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Baby articles list

Joints: Coffee - Nescafé including:. Browse down for the list of products available to you. Launched by the Nestlé International Committee on Boycotts, the main focus of the Nestlé International Boycotts is on Nescafé, the company's flag ship. However, we recommend that you boyscott all Nestlé products until the Nestlé Group ceases to market its baby milk in a way that undermines breast-feeding and violates marketing-rule. Trademark information is also available on the Nestlé website at http://www.

nestle. com/ and on Nestlé country sites.

Please note: Nestle milk replacers are not listed in the list of products for boys' milk for the obvious reasons that there may be circumstances where these are the only products available for babies who are not breast fed and have no breast milk at all. When other genuine breast milk replacers are available, there is no need to select one Nestle label over another.

More information on the grounds for the ban can be found in the Nestlé Free Zone. You can find big maps with the most important British stamps on one side and a brief description of the ban on the other side in our on-line store - click here. Browse down for the list on this page.

SIGNIFICANT NOTE: We list products that benefit Nestlé. Nestlé icecream is included because Nestlé has divested the business but is still receiving payment for the use of the trade name (confirmed June 2015). Articles identified with an * are either co-owned by Nestlé, such as L'Oreal, Lactalis Nestlé Cilled Dairy (a 60:40 JV between Lactalis and Nestlé which own Rachel's dairy) and Cereal Partners (a 50:50 JV with General Mills), or have been divested, but there is an agreement under which Nestlé will continue to benefit from them.

Not Nestlé anymore: The Body Shop, PowerBar, Branston Pickle, Crosse and Blackwell, Fox's Glacier Mints, Gales Honey, Libby's Juices, Sun Pat, Sarsons and Tartex may appear on old listings, but are no longer linked to Nestlé. Findsus and Haagen Daz have no connection with Nestlé in the UK, but may have in some other states.

Several of the brands listed below refer to articles in our News Bulletin which contain further explanations. You can read a story in Roycott News 32 about own label grain produced by Nestlé company Cereal Partners. Rachel's Dairy was added to the list of boycotts following its entry into the Lactalis Nestlé Children Dairy (LNCD) JV.

In August 2010, Lactalis acquired Rachel's Dairy and recently entered the JV. 60% of the JV is held by and 40% by respectively Nestlé and 60% by respectively our parent company and Group. Colgate Dental Gum was launched in 2003 as a Nestlé/Colgate Palmolive partnership, but does not appear to have made any progress.

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