List of Baby things I need

Baby Things I Need List

Preparing for the baby's coming Part I 24 hour "uterus service" for the little ones! Let's make a list of baby needs! It was quite hard for me to determine when it was "safe" to buy baby items! When I found out I was expecting pregnancy I was overjoyed - and I couldn't await filling our flat with everything (and much more) this baby needs!

A lot can go on in the first 12 week, and since our little one is the fruit of some IVF treatment, we were obviously a little anxious about the results of my gestation! Things went well - and we were said that we would get a little one!

Much research is needed to find out which product to select when you buy things for your little ones. Eventually we agreed to call the nurse and she said we should come to the infirmary to see her! She had a good beating heart - and she was very busy (a little too busy for my uterus). Anyway, the baby activities are a good signal and I am back home and feel a little better!

I' m totally in love because of the designs - and as a Dane it's undoubtedly a favorite of the whole team! These diapers and baby sleeping bags are from The Gro Company! Being a new mother there are many things to be learned! Actually, I thought baby's would be sleeping in a blanket! Helping baby sleeping in comfort - and above all safe through the nights.

Nappy - or baby carrier (you can decide whether the baby's arm should be pulled in or out - according to your preference!). Maybe you think you have more than enough places for your baby by now - but no! There' s one thing I certainly don't want to do without - and that's a babynyest!

This one from the CamCamCam Copenhagen is my favorite baby cradle. I' ve been informed that it's perfectly suited for the change from sleep in the mother's womb to your own cot, which is why I chose to buy it! Babynest can be used almost everywhere: It' s great when you want your baby to be as near to you as possible!

100% bio wool (you have to adore nordic design!). Chicco's new and multifunctional Baby Embrace 4 in 1 is the 24 hour ideal home care system for new families. The thing about Baby Hug that he and I really like is that it is good from the moment of delivery up to 36 month! Its height is variable and it can be used in 4 different configurations: as a crèche for night sleeping, as a couch thanks to the inside reduction, as a high stool and as a children's stool!

The Baby Hug 4 in 1 is conceived so that the baby can be seated securely! It is the ideal place for my baby to have a good night's rest.... and I can actually rest - knowing that my baby is secure and nearby, no matters what happens, I will do it!

It was a pleasure when I got the new Baby Carrier One from Babybjörn! It is flawless in terms of style and I really enjoy how the Babybjörn staff is always working to create and enhance their work! Loving at first glance! Babybjörn says the headrest is higher and equipped with a fully reclining clasp.

There' s less tissue between you and your baby, which strengthens the important binding sensation. The One Air baby carrier net is made of a new patent pending material specially designed to be even more active in breathability and to make you particularly comfortable on your baby's sensitive skins.

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