List of everything needed for a Baby

A list of all the things you need for a baby.

If you need more help and advice about the best, ask in the store. Kinderbetreuung - Will any of you have to pay for childcare? All you need to take with you to a festivals - the indispensable package list and the survivors package.

If there' s something even more serious than a swim in the muds at the festivals, then it will forget something important. If you are fully equipped in anticipation, you will be saving a nice cent (and more money for cider). In order to help you prepare, we have put together the definitive list of everything you need - from important sleep bags to an endless range of baby cloths - at the best price available now.

This is the ultimative checklist for festivals: Most important first, you need a camping spot. The Go Outdoors 4-man marquee has a 28% discount and only costs £25. Tip - Get a bigger sized marquee, this additional person's room will make all the difference if you' re not wrapped like a sardine.

The next thing you need is a sleepin' sack. Decathlon this is the ideal way to keep yourself warmed on cool summers. Only £11.99, which is a theft for a good looking sack. Australians do a great one for 4. 69 (from boots) in a row of tasty smells, such as kiwi or peach.

Outdoors Go have made a huge cut on this Hi Go rucksack, with 42% discount for £20. There are many bags and room what makes it perfectly to carry everything you need and easily find things in your awning. Rubber boot are an essential must, even in good conditions, this Karrimor couple of M and M Direct costs only 19. 99, which means you can have top class boot that will keep your legs wet without having to spend a fortune. Rubber boot is a great choice for the most demanding of sports.

Take up less room in your pocket and put towels over the lavatory wheel, a six-pack is only sixtyp. They can' t stand on their legs all the time, so make sure you are investing in a camp stool, they won't wrinkle into anything and you' ll be saving all week on the slimy ground, this is under £8 from Argos.

Travelling pillows will make your tents look more like a bunk, sleep on a roll up sweater is not nearly as cute. They are currently 3 for 2 at boots, so store for less. Powered by batteries, light chains are great for lightening up your tents and they look great.

Choose a matching sunglass for your parties, it's a celebration, so try not to wear simple sable.

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