List of everything you need for a Baby

A list of everything you need for a baby.

As a child, Spain, when we went by bus and took everything you could imagine. List of everything you need for your baby's first health kit. Many expectant mothers have their bags handy and are awaiting at the clinic during the last few months of gestation, but not many will have finished the first baby's healthcare routine. Being a physician and mother of two I strongly advise you to have the following at your fingertips for the first year of your baby:

Outstanding because it is fast to use (in your child's ear), precise and very durable. Take your baby to the doctors whenever you can: Those without a brand name have the same substance inside and help saving you a little money. Just like in an adult, it is okay to take acetaminophen for pain or temperature and then take ibuprofen if you need more help.

Metanium Met anium is ideal for use between diaper changes if you are looking for something for regular use. When the reddening worsens or the complexion begins to look raw/split, make sure you have your family doctor examine you, as sometimes the diaper area can become contaminated with bacterial or fungal infections.

Don't neglect to make sure your baby has enough diaper free play whenever you can, during the day/before bathing. If my baby suffocated, would I know what to do? If my baby stopped breathing, what would I do? Unless you are sure you know what to do in these situations, I strongly suggest that you sign up for a first care meeting for children in your area.

There are so many great schools in your area and many philanthropic organizations are offering either free or subsidized parent training. Have you found a need for anything else in your baby's first healthcare pack?

NB: The material in this item is in no way meant to substitute for the provision of healthcare, consultation, diagnosis and/or therapy by a physician. You should see your physician if you experience any signs of disease.

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