List of Items Newborn Babies need

A list of articles that newborns need

Which you should have with you Which items should I take with me when I have my newborn? Below is a list of items that we recommend you take with you when you have your child and for your period in ourospital. Don't take precious items to the infirmary. Trust cannot be held responsible for any losses of property.

Bathrobe and flip-flops (you must not run barefoot). NOTE ITEMSIsotonic ("athletic") beverages can be really useful to give you additional power and promote your progression during labor. They have to buy these themselves and you can take them with you when you come to the clinic.

In case you follow a specific diet and/or are suffering from diabetes, please consult your health care professional about the use of isotonic beverages. WHEN PLANNING A FEEDER, YOU WILL NEED TO TAKE SMALL FINISHED BOXES WITH YOUR FORMULAS, 2 FLASKS, 2 TEATS AND A WASHING SCRUBBER. It is not recommended to use a lotion, cream or oil on the newborn' s epidermis unless recommended by a physician.

Mattresses, linen, towels and sterilization devices will be provided for your child during its period in Hospital. When you take your child home by air, you MUST take a vehicle safety chair with you to the station so that we can release you. While your partner is not allowed to spend the nights in the postal station, they are allowed to remain with you during the entire period of your child's delivery.

You also need to be ready so they are convenient and able to assist you as best they can. All the prescription drugs you need. The use of cell phones is not allowed in all areas. It is forbidden to smoke on the premises of the clinic. Respect our mothers, newborns, other caregivers and guests who use our services.

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