List of Items you need for a Newborn

A list of the items you will need for a newborn baby.

Nutstrike. Feeding. Baby food. High chairs. These are some of the most important things you need to bring to the hospital and why they are so important.

Take a look at our ultimate list of what you can buy for your newborn. What if my babies need special care? Make sure you check our list of restricted items before you leave your home.

Twin Hospital & Work Bag Checklist | Useful Checklists | Twin Tips | Resource Center

If you are expecting twin or triplet pregnancies and are asking yourself what you should put in your ambulance pocket, you are the right person for you. There is help here with our practical clinical pocket check list, which contains what you should be packing for the birth and work department, the essential things for you and your baby and what each of your partners must be packing! Tip - you should have your pockets packaged and operational from 30 week, as Gemini and Triplet can get here early - make sure your spouse knows where they are!

In order to see our checklist for Twins Hospital and the Maternity Ward, please click on the "Download Article File" link below - this may take a few seconds. There is also a great Twins diaper bag that is spacious enough to provide the essential for both the mother and both twins.

Traveling with kids | Help for travellers | Travel information

After the first weeks of birth, a newborn baby is prepared to come with us. It is required that a parental or legal representative (18 years and older) always travels in the same cubicle as the baby. When your baby is 2 years or older, please read our information about air transport with kids and unsupervised underage.

Small passengers must be less than 24 month of age throughout the entire voyage to be eligible for the Airpass. Children who reach the age of two years before their departure must be paid the current children's tariff, taxes, fees and surcharges.

Children's tickets are also governed by the tariff terms and tariffs. When booking a children's pass, the children have their own seats and our adult luggage. Children's tickets are particularly useful if you are bringing your own security chair or are planning to use other security features.

Notice that not all security features are available for all airplane models or categories. Please refer to our Global Contact Centers if you would like to reserve a children's pass for your under 24 month old children. Please be aware that if you wish to have more than one offspring on the boat, each of your parents or guardians may have a limit of two children.

Either of the two children must be 6 month old and must take a baby chair in the vehicle. You will be billed for the children's rate valid at the time. Another offspring must be attached to the parents or guardians with a children's retainer. Children tariffs are calculated. Parents or guardians should provide their own children's chair, which must correspond to the security seating and facilities.

Please let us know if you need anything to make your trip more comfortable for you and your child. Make sure you review our list of limited items before you depart home. When you wish to use electrical breastpumps on deck, you can do so after announcing that electrical equipment can be turned on and until the safety shield is turned on before land.

Please be aware that if you are bringing your own groceries on the boat, we cannot heat or refrigerate them for hygienic reason. In order to heat your dishes, you can order a receptacle with steam. In order to take along groceries or pumped off milks that need to be cooled, please package them either in a cooling pouch or a thermos-bottle.

It is possible to take along dried rice (up to 2.5 kg) packaged in such a way that CO2 gas can free evolve, and you must inform us that you are taking along dried rice at check-in. It is possible to take your own security seat if it meets our specification.

As a result of security regulations, some airplanes may not be able to fit your security seats. Instead, a special developed restraining system for children can be used. Unless you want to buy an additional baby or baby chair, they can take you on a trip as long as you use the appropriate cushion.

If you need a children's bike, please let us know when you make your booking with us. For your child's own security, this restraining system protects your baby or baby during the trip. Some of the seats on the aircraft are not designed for parent or guardian with babies.

When making your reservations, please enquire at our on-site offices or at your own agency whether your pitches have the correct security arrangements.

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