List of things for first Baby

A list of things for the first baby

Twenty-two things your kid should do before he starts college. Remember that your baby will soon start going to college for the first straight year. Almost all parents feel a certain fear that their children will start their schooling. Two of the most difficult things a kid will ever want to do is read and write. A lot of children confuse the letters "b" and "d", but have patience.

Learn basic song and rhythm to help your kids learnabilities. Don't be ashamed to sing for your kid, and do it often. When they are still in the uterus, you can begin to sing, because listening is the first meaning that develops. And the sooner a kid gets to know each other, the better.

That means that your kid won't be the one who gets into a fight with others at class to find out who can use the toy. Then, instruct elementary mousemaking abilities. An egotistical kid is not going to be very popular, so make sure he knows the distinction between right and wrong. Your kid will not be able to make the right decision. You have to tell them from an early age that it's very hard to beat another kid.

Kids need to know how to be self-reliant, so you need to let them do things for themselves. Dine with your baby as often as possible. Young people have a brief period of attentiveness, but if this does not improve with increasing ages, they will be suffering in their schooling.

Place three boiled slices of potato on the platter, let your kid have one and ask how many are over. "Your kid gets to know groups and classes without realizing it. Puzzles are ideal for logical abilities. Speak to your baby about various kinds of wholesome and unsanitary food and let him enjoy a wide range of food in moderate amounts.

When they know that they can consume candy, but not every single passing passing day, you will be surprised at how often they opt for wholesome fruits or vegetables instead. Modeling material is another great help, and this type of imaginative game gives them the kinetic abilities they need to write. They get them going and are good for space, reason and movement.

Miriam says: "If I were a preschooler' s parents, I would probably stop looking at this list when I got to number five or six, which is very scare. For example, a toddler may have very refined vocal abilities, but none when it comes to spelling his name or learning the alphabet.

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